Meter Box

Was this type of meter base ever approved for 100 amp?

Yes, that is a typical 100amp base and some were rated at 125 amp



It could be rated for more, but most likely not.

Thanks Gerry and William for reassuring me. I agree and didn’t mention it in my report as a defect.
But the local AHJ says the base must be replaced before they’ll issue an occupancy permit.

Nothing else, only the meter base. He said the rounded box was not approved for 100 amp.

The AHJ always has the final word, so if he says it must be replaced, it must, regardless of ‘code’ or other basis. Of course, you could try to apply reason and logic, but that probably would not work either. Around here, the PoCo furnishes the meter base, so whatever they choose to furnish is generally ok with the AHJ.