Meter pole clearance

How far should a meter pole be from a doorway/steps?

Most of the time, it is wherever the power company wants it to be.

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What do you think is the issue?

Im just afraid it won’t pass inspection because of the pole being too close to the doorway.

Is that a temporary electric supply?

Its at a mobile home lot. I guess its supposed to be permanet?

Up here the contractor sets the electric post where he wants it and the Power Company (POCO) hooks to it after connected to home or temporary receptacle. I doubt that they would leave it right outside your front door…but, maybe.

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Do you think they will retrench it?

I’ve had them retrench one or two but it is hard to say if you know the POCO guys or not and their policies. Dense contractor is my thought.

Put a pole light on top of it and plant a shrub in front of it. :grinning:

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From here it looks like a temp pole that was set for a lot and placement for the mobile. Most all the new builds I did had a temp pole set up that was eventually connected to the main once it was set for permanent service. Don’t see a meter from this angle, but those steps were most likely sawed by a circular with all that dust and powered from the panel which usually contains a main breaker and some receptacles.

Just looked at the door, does that swing out?? If so, where’s the landing on the steps.

It is called poor planning, and It is most likely permanent,

Worried about an electrical disconnect what about the well? and there is no concrete slab under the double-wide, no landing on the stairs as David said,

Concrete slab under a mobile? Never seen one. Maybe required where you are.

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Well, that is why they all blow away down there in Georgia, you put a concrete slab under the home and tie the home to the slab, HA. :grinning:

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Lucky to find any tie downs here Lol!!. :crazy_face: Well, prior to 2000…

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Looks to be tie downs there.


Well at least the siding on the gable color matches well… :roll_eyes:


I like the brown streak running down from the soffit! :smile: