Meter Question

Hey guys

This meter is running a 200 amp service. Can this be right? The panel, conduit and service drop look new but this meter scares me a little. Any comments or suggestions?

This looks like a remote meter .
Could there be a box some where with current transformers in the lines ?

Roy Cooke sr


The transformers were at the top of the pole that the meter is on. One line runs to the garage and one to the house. There was nothing between the line running to the transformer and the connection to the conduit.

I think Roy is correct. The meter says “transformer type” right on it.

I have similar set up on my property. The meter has an induction coil at the transformer. I think the line passes through the loop and the meter records the use. I have a barn and a house. The house is 200 amp and the barn is 60 amp. So the hydro is measured at the transformer rather than two individual meters. I guess its a cost saving feature to do it this way.


Thanks guys.