Meter safety:

I don’t know if home inspectors use multimeters much (or at all), but here’s a picture of the inside of a buddy’s Fluke 87 that was set to the wrong setting and improperly used to check volts:

Set it to measure Ohms huh.

Either that or the internal fuse had been replaced with a shunt for Amps measurement.

I believe I would select a different brand/model for my next meter - this one didn’t do a very good job of protecting itself and its user. The other possibiity is that the leads were touched to a terminals with a voltage level in excess of the meter’s rating.

Te Fluke 87 series is one of the better ones out there,

Winner-winner, chicken dinner.

This meter was accidentally used on 4160. Know what you’re poking your nose into.

No reason to be playing with a multimeter on most Home Inspections.
I know how to use mine but it stays in the bag.

We have enough to do, besides tracking down issues.

I had that happen with the “correct” settings on 460VAC 3 phase.

My boss was using my meter at the time!:shock:

Glad that one was on him!

I suspected as much. I just wanted to post a cool picture. :smiley:

That pic goes to show why a HI should not be using one. Qualified electricians make errors with that meter. Now, a HI, who may not be an EXPERT so to say in electricity, could cause himself or others serious harm by not knowing how to properly use a particular meter, or, like in the picture, where to use it.

I think it goes to show why a HI should Learn to properly use any testing device.

Your face could look like that meter if you don’t Learn how to properly remove the service panel cover! You do remove panel covers, no? What do you do to protect yourself from arc flash?

SOP states that you do not need to Insert any testing device into the service panel, so I am not suggesting that you do. I am pointing out that Learning something (so easy) should not be avoided like it’s so often done.

Does anyone use a GFCI circuit tester?
Anyone have them blow up in your hand?
I have, twice.
Should we now stop this testing?

Every Home Inspector needs to understand the proper operation and limitations of every tool in his inspection bag. Period.

Be safe out there.

I wasn’t implying that one should not LEARN to use one. But, all too often, someone buys something new, and doesn’t fully understand its’ purpose. Or the ramifications of improper use of such a device. This is where the problem lies most of the time. I agree, if you take the time to really LEARN how tools work, by all means use them, I just feel there are too many out there relyuing on fancy gadgets and metersw without proper training, that can’t identify basic defects or don’t ask when in doubt. They just plunge in and end up getting hurt.

Unfortunately I’ve seen that happen more than once in the industrial setting. If all that fried was the meter, the user was a very lucky person. I’ve seen much worse in the 4160 environment.

I agree that few home inspectors are likely to need to use a multimeter - I seldom use mine as a HI - when I do it is usually to satisfy my own curiosity and is clearly beyond the SOPs.