Meter spinning both ways

A new one for me.
I have noticed done here in FL that checking the street meters have some surprises.
No pressure regulators on any homes. A rare occasion I do find a backflow preventer buried in with the meter.

While watching the small rotary dial on a few homes I noticed it was slowly spinning, then it would reverse a small amount, then continue forward again. Back and forth it would spin.

Could this be a backflow siphon issue with the city?
Is a preventer needed, or what would cause the reversal?

As usual, we can talk about Hillary or other stupid issues, but no one can answer a legitimate question.

Never seen this before - suggest you check with city water department

Very well could be and probably the only reason I can think of to cause it to do that.

I would think so (backflow preventer needed.)
Maybe an expansion tank might cause this phenomenon?? Was there one?

I would note what you observed and have the municipality investigate further to determine corrections/repairs/improvements that may be needed.

I hear ya. Welcome to the INachi MB :smiley: