Meth Lab test

Does any on know were I might get a test kit(s) to see if this home I am inspecting was a METH Lab?

Emsl sells them. You might be able to get one for free if you pay to have them test it. Be aware. The state of TN only recognizes state certified and licensed testers. Your test can be for general reference, but if you do find anything then the state would have to test for it to be legit. that would be expensive. You also should be aware, if you screw up and say nothing found, and it was a meth lab your in hot water. TN says that anything above .01 micrograms in not habitable. I would recommend you inform you clients of this before you test.

I will pass it on to the right people and let them worry about it.

So what are the tell-tale signs of a potential meth lab?

The following signs might be obvious, but are there any otheres?

Disconnected smoke alarms
Bluish color on copper
Staining running down the walls (like moisture in a bathroom)

I’d hate to miss it, but on the other hand I would hate to recommend testing with little evidence. This could cause a buyer to back out, and if I’m wrong it could get me in hot water.
Try this also

The tweaker hiding in the closet is usually a dead giveaway!

I can not honestly say, I have not run into this situation before, but have read of some nightmares from other inspectors.