Meth Lab Training

Hello All:

I hope this is permitted. If not, then I apologize up front and will remove the post.

Earlier this year, NACHI was going to sponsor a certified methlab class that would certify and permit Home Inspectors to enter a property declared an illegal drug lab. In Colorado, regulations and statutes prohibit an HI from such entry unless the HI has been properly trained pursuant to federal and state regulations and statutes. Federally, Region VIII OSHA is treating methlabs as HazWoper sites and require appropriate training for entry. Unfortunately, NACHI had to cancel the class just a few days before it was scheduled.

NACHI had asked me to provide the training since, in my role as a police officer, I am one of the State’s HIDTA certified Clandestine Lab Safety Instructors providing training across the State of Colorado through the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice. The problem is that the training I normally provide, although free of charge, is only available to law enforcement and first responder personnel since it is classified as “Law Enforcement Sensitive.”

However, now, a local training organization, Zybertron Environmental Training Institute, has asked me to provide general population approved training at their Denver facility. We have agreed to perform the training.

A flier announcing the next training course is available at

Caoimhín P. Connell
Forensic Industrial Hygienist

Great. Will you be taking this training on the road?

The company that is arranging the training (Zybertron Environmental Training Institute) is talking about taking the training on the road. Specifically, Zybertron has mentioned the South East portion of the country.

Caoimhín P. Connell