Meth safety

Meth continues to be a problem for home buyers and renters. Efforts by police to seize illegal drug manufacturing sites, (more than 1700 in 2003) is a step in the right direction but does little to identify home that are contaminated by former meth labs. Home inspectors are sometimes asked to test for the presence of meth. This can present a safety risk for the inspector as the most common chemical for lifting meth residue is methanol. One tablespoon of this chemical can cause blindness if ingested and half a cup can cause death. Care should be taken to use this product as intended wearing PPI during sampling. Deionized water has been found to be a safer and effective product in meth testing. Always remember to protect your self when reporting the results of meth test. If the sample(s) come back as non-detected the test should be reported to the client as inconclusive.
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