Meth testing with Mr. Caoimhin P. Connell at Colorado InterNACHI Oct 14, 2008.

Man, that is one event I’d love to attend :frowning:



This would be an episode of NACHI Tv I’d pay to see.

You all take life too seriously.

Anyway, I’ll be there with bells on. Meth is big biz.

Do we get free samples? :shock:

More profitable than the stock market and home inspection biz? :weird:

How about mold and radon testing??? Mr.Caoimhin has some unique interpretations on those ancillary services offered by our members.:):slight_smile:

Too bad he is not in the real world. You got to understand he makes his living helping lawyers sue inspectors who are only trying to help their clients. He admitted it on this message board.

Meth testing is big biz… until you clear a house that is contaminated…

Then it becomes a parade of pain.

Never do that!


Which is why this course is timely and needed.

I agree meth testing of homes is needed. I friend of mine who was a deputy sheriff has told me horror stories about local meth houses that people bought and tried to live in.

It’s needed however to date none of my clients/calls have shown interest in using the service and I live in St. Louis where drug houses in some areas run rampid. Once I do get a request however my contract will have a section in it so the client can fill out what areas they want me to swab. I will also educate them in detail I can only report on the areas I test for them and that in NO WAY the entire house will be deemed drug free.

What will you call your service and what does it provide to your customer?

I have it listed on my site simply as “The Drug Inspection” I promote the kit can detect the following…

Methamphetamines, Amphetamines, THC, Cocaine, Opiates, and PCP

Results will be available within ten mins once the swabbing is complete. There are certain areas within any home that should be swabbed in the event a lab did indeed exist. However I will educate my clients on this fact and let them choose the areas of interest to them instead. The test only provides the client a piece of mind that a drug lab “MAY NOT” exist. There is no way to clear the entire home unless you swab every inch of it.

Billy is correct.

No different than radon testing. Your test may conclude that there was a low radon level in the basement at that time, under those weather and house conditions… but it doesn’t mean the client will have a “radon free” home forever.