Methods of one home!

I did an inspection on a home that was built in 1985 yesterday. All of the pictures are from the same house and are from 5 trusses that were all right next to each other.
Just sharing!

Part two as if the above weren’t bad enough…

Toe nails.

They sure did things sloppy in the 80’s.

Actually, it would be other (No attachment) :mrgreen:


And yet, it is still there since 1985.

And will probably be there in 2085! :mrgreen:

My favorite is inspecting houses that have the straps sticking straight up in the bond beam halfway between each truss, good site supervision there…so um, what exactly is holding the truss to the top plate…that would be nothing. Imagine a CAT4 blowing through and your whole roof, trusses and all, lifts right off the house and blows over in your yard like a cheap carport.


I’m not sure if you are surprised or disgusted. The picture attached is from yesterday’s multi million dollar water front home built in one of the most affluent communities in Florida whom pays for their own non accredited Building Department. The common hip trusses were built to the wrong pitch and did not plane with jacks so cats were installed with only one toe nail at each connection. While the sheathing is nailed at 4 inch edge and 6 inch field it effectively is only attached the structure with 8 toe nails. circa 1999. This was a home inspection with a wind mitigation add on. I credited the wind mitigation fee and referred my client to an engineer

I see they are also graduates of the how not to re-nail the roof deck school! Is that the bathroom vent fan line going out the soffit vent?
It almost looks like those pieces were installed just to nail the decking to.

Not to mention that all of the insulation is installed wrong.

It is fine Bill…when do we close? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

The sad part is this is not a re roof but the original construction. The bath vent does actually extend through the roof but the kitchen hood vent that is exhausting a commercial gas cook top and oven is not sealed at the roof terminal

One of my pet peeves, why did they feel the need to run the bathroom vent 20 feet away from the bathroom? It seems, it would have been a lot easier to run it straight above the bathroom. I see that with dryer vents as well.