Mexico update

We met last Saturday in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico with Guillermo Castañeda, national president of AMPI (10,000 members, similar to our National Association of Realtors, but including developers and appraisers in additon to real estate brokers and agents), Georgia Spencer, Morelos state AMPI president, and Lucio Brugada, Morelos state president of CMIC (similar to our National Association of Home Builders).

This first meeting went extremely well, surpassing all our expectations. Guillermo wants to promote development of the home inspection industry in Mexico. He wants to help launch us in 76 cities across Mexico and have us speak at their national convention in October.
Lucio offered CMIC’s help in reviewing course material for technical accuracy and to help with translation.

Developing a new industry in a country is typically a slow process, and you have to successfully step through a number of doors, but we just stepped through the first door in a pretty spectacular manner, so it’s early, but it looks good.

I have to go back as soon as possible to start writing courses, and I have to learn Spanish. Any suggestions on Spanish courses?

Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.

Rosetta Stone or Pimmsler.

Be cautions, though… as the language in Central and South America may not be pure spanish in area to area

Variations are bizarre. My friend from Costa Rica complimented his fellow employees wife’s cooking, speaking in his hative tongue.

Fortunately, his friend didn’t get excited at the “compliment”, which in HIS native tongue roughly teanslated into “I like your wife’s ____”

You fill in the rest. :shock: