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Hi - I am looking for a good inspector in Miami who will also thoroughly inspect the joists of the house in the crawl space. Do you have anyone to recommend? I have had a lot of bad luck with inspectors in Miami that are not thorough. Thanks!


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Dennis Bonner would do a good job I am sure :slight_smile:

Call Bert…

Hey thanks Eric. I actually spoke to the person and booked. Much appreciated. It was funny because she asked if I used a remote controlled vehicle to go into the crawl. I said no, I go into them myself.

Thank you as well Wayne for posting the info here.


Your welcome Bert. I did think of you first but wanted to make sure the person who wanted to do it could manage a crawl space cause I don’t know how small it is.

I hear you. There’s only been one I was not able to enter of all the ones I’ve done. A home built in the mid 30’s I believe it was. I’m actually more comfortable inside the crawl than inside the attic. It’s cool versus the unbearable attic heat.

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