MIC Agreement

What agreement is being used for the move in certified inspections? I am concerned about it covering the disclosure of information to non-clients. Am I just being over cautious? I currently use the Internachi inspection agreement online.

Lake Area Home Inspections, Inc.

In an MIC inspection, you aren’t disclosing information to non-clients, your client (the seller) is.

OK. I can see that view. Once I load it to fetch report then the client can pass it to whomever they choose.


Yep. And with regard to your marketing… let’s hope he passes the report (a sample of the product you produce as a professional) on to everyone!

As a CMA (cover my a**), I added a cover sheet for all of the reports with a disclaimer simply stating that ALL findings are at the time of the inspection and may or may not change, and the “visiting report holder” shall not be extended any warranties or guarantees if any are issued. And at the back, I added a brochure on why they ( potential buyers) should have a MIC inspection too.

NACHI has a good disclosure statement on their MIC website.