MIC fetch report problem

I uploaded my first report to fetchreport.com today, then went to moveincertified.com to check out if it worked or not. When I entered the address to get it, it came back with no matches?

Any help please.

Address is 511 roby road sutton nh


Hey Scott,
I had the same problem when I first uploaded a report. When you see the report listed on fetch and click on it, it should give you an option to make it available to move in certified.

Hey Bobby,

How are you. Thanks for all your help previousaly.

When in Fetch, I have the option of making available to public, but when I click on it, it says the page is not available.

Am I missing something else?


Is anybody else uploading to Fetch and making reports public and doing so with no problems?

A little help would be great.

Thank you,


I just uploaded a test report and made it public without any problems. Please e-mail me ( webmaster at nachi dot org) with a phone number and a good time to reach you, and I’ll help you sort it out.


Not real clear on how my report would work with fetch. I use ReportHost, will I still be able to use this system?

I finally got it to work.

Good. Use it. We have a miracle coming soon for all who are using it regularly.

Hmmm. Sounds interesting.

Any hints?