MIC Inspection (electrical included)

Did a MIC inspection yesterday that had quite a few safety hazards. My dilemma is that some of the safety hazards are ones that pertain to the original construction (196eight). Some of the more extensive items include:
n Gas water heater not 18” above floor in a garage closet.
n No firewall protection at attic access.
n No safety photoelectric eyes or safety reverse on garage door.
n No GFCI protection anywhere. (I believe that 1970 was when they started requiring, no?)
n No stair railing on one side of steeper steps on a balcony deck
n O.k. correct me if I’m wrong here. This home had a 200 amp split bus panel. The top one is mainly 4 the 240v (100 amp breaker) and the bottom is for outlets, lighting, etc. Now the “sub-panel”, which, by the way, is installed in a hallway closet, would be a sub-panel, correct? Therefore, the neutral should float and the ground should bond to the enclosure, right? The bonding screw was not installed. Was the neutral/ground separation and neutral isolation always a code practice?

See pics below (First one is main, second two are sub in closet)

Now, all these safety hazards appeared to be all original in 1968. If this was original installation, should all these classify as safety hazards and should they all be corrected before MIC sign gets put up? Should one have to repair/upgrade these things that have been there for 40+ years? Should I incorporate something about past construction practices and updating for today’s safety standards?

Hope I’m making some sense here. I just got back from an inspection, and I’m still thawing out… it is cold as H - E - Double hockey sticks !

Any help would be appreciated.

No need to say anything about past “practices.”

Water heater must be raised in the garage closet.

What do you mean about the “attic firewall?”

Optical sensors may not have been required, but auto-reverse has always been required. Did you check for that?

Stair rails have always been required.

GFCI installations would be a “recommended safety upgrade,” not a requirement unless mandated by your AHJ.

The panel grounding is improper.

Hey Jeff,

Attic stairs/opening had no firewall protection and yes I tested for safety reverse on the garage door.

Thanks for your help. I trust it’s a bit warmer on your side of the country… please send some over this way


Mid 80’s this week. If it keeps up, I’ll be back to wearing shorts in no time :wink:

80 degrees and shorts, huh…We’re barely cracking the double digits in good ole’ Northwest Ohio. Maybe I should relocate and give you and RR some competition.

Is the hall closet that the subpanel is located a clothes closet by chance??