MIC/Pre-listing inspection question

This has probably been asked before but Im new to this business and I guess a bit fuzzy on this one. I understand why a seller/agent would possibly want a pre listing inspection and the marketing aspect for the inspector. My question is, lets say a PLI/mic is done and the seller can leave the report on the table for potential buyers to see/have or whatever and the home is on the market for 30,60,90 days, or even the very next day it’s under contract. what good is the report other than to show some issues were fixed if an inspection is only good for the the time of inspection? If that makes sense. Im guessing that you could potentially get another inspection out of the deal, which is good. I would think that the buyer would want another inspection done if the sellers inspection is a bit old. I Apologize for the long post.

  1. you were paid to do a PreList Inspection.
  2. there is now a stack of your inspection reports being passed out to possible buyers.
  3. Only 1 person is going to buy the house
    4 imagine only 10 people looked at the house and saw your report. This leaves 9 possible clients still looking for a home that needs an inspector and already has you marketing material in their hand.
  4. if the seller is moving locally you may get a second inspection from them.

Now the challenge… are you ready…

talk someone into paying for a prelist inspection.

Yeah. I have a feeling that will be the challenging part. Thanks for the reply.