MIC Realtor Presentation

Just finished a MIC realty presentation this am. The branch manager was stressing to his agents earlier, to have seller inspections done. He called me to hold a meeting with his agents. Once they heard the presentation, they were all Giddy. Time will tell. I will keep everyone up to date on any responses from them.

www.moveincertified.com has been bypassing agents and marketing directly to broker/agency owners.


The Agency owner is who contacted me to give the presentation to his agents, and was also present during the presentation. Once I gave him the presentation he wanted me to give it to his agents. Below is an undisclosed email I received today from one of the agents. Any recommendations on how I should respond to him?

I/we can’t use this service because then we would know the condition
of the house and have to disclose it. We appeared to like what you had
to offer at the presentation because the boss was there but there is
no way I/we will have an inspection before listing the home. (You can
see why I needed to send this anonymously.)

I have done two pre-sale presentations to RE offices. No response.

What they say after you leave is always different. RE’s will never do pre-sale inspections because of the defects that the reports would disclose, then the agents would have to document/disclose them to new buyers.

Sad that they have it all backwards.

I have a page on my web site for over 8 years that promotes the benefit of pre-sale inspections. I have had thousands of hits on that page.

No takers.

Forward it to the broker who contacted you in the beginning.

They are going to find out about major issues anyway. Better they find out now so that they can make repairs without being under time pressure, and prevent them from wrecking future offers. Agents aren’t paid by the hour, they are paid if the deal goes through.

Also, offer to do them on cream puff listings, not fixer-uppers.

Nick we understand the sound of your drum. Any way you look at it however realtors do not want to know “until” they have a buyer on the hook. It’s much easier to deal with a hooked fish then it is with a sea of onlookers looking to buy. Anyway you try to sell it the program is not that popular. I have about two calls a month for it. Never has the caller been a realtor.

I know that there are several parts of the country that use seller inspections on a regular basis. My Uncle is an agent outside of San Francisco and he won’t list a house without one. He’s been doing this about 15 years. I went down and did two MIC inspections for him. He loved the signs. His way of thinking is know the issues and either fix or price the house accordingly. Both of the houses were already on MLS when I came down and he said people were already asking for the report before putting offers in. I know one home sold cash and closed in 2 weeks the other closed in about a month. One of the sellers liked me enough to ask me to inspect the house he was buying. I found a ton of stuff wrong with the house he was selling too. It comes down to not understanding the benefits.

On another thread, JB is correct. The age of the real estate agent is all but disappearing. With banks and lenders, even appraisers starting to get in the home transaction sales market, these people are by-passing the 6 to 8% commission fees. Online non-commission sales sites are increasing dramatically.

It is sad that the agents, and their offices and companies, have it all wrong. Agents are leaving, offices are closing. They do not get it.

InterNACHI has so many agent tools available, agents are missing out.

We’ve educated many agents in Colorado to think similarly. What I like about MIC the most is that the InterNACHI inspector catches more inspections upstream… before non-members ever get a chance at getting them.