MIC signs free to keep

Just a reminder…

Anyone who borrows the banner and cloth for an event, will also be sent out brochures and a MoveInCertified sign to keep. Please only return the cloth and banner! :wink:



How do we go about getting some of these I would like to have a few here for the trade shows and such for the chapter to loan our inspectors in my area

Instructions at bottom of http://www.nachi.org/displays2008.htm

I want to start pushing MIC, how can i get some signs to start off with???


There is an order link found within: http://www.nachi.org/moveincertifiedsigns2008.htm

Did my first Move-In-Certified this morning, 3,400 sq ft house.

Couldn’t believe it, finally—:cool:



Was it a result of that door-to-door marketing you did a few months ago?



No, as a matter of fact is wasn’t----:shock:

A realtor is trying to sell his father in-laws house, so he had me inspect it before he listed it, not a whole lot wrong, minor items, but you really have to note even the slightest issue I guess, or the buyers inspector could blow something out of proportion…so in essence, these take longer to do in my opinion.

But I don’t have any skyscrapers to inspect until tomorrow, so I helped the used house salesman out on his in-laws house, he is a nice guy (the realtor), have known him for quite some time.

I asked him why he wants this listing of his inspected and none of the others, he said since everyone is buying repo’s he thought this “MIGHT” help, even though a comparable house down the street (repo) sold for $100,000.00 less than he is listing this one for----Good Luck— huh?—:cool: