MIC sweet spot

What kinds of listings should I NOT target with MIC/seller inspections?

I was planning to filter out:

-below 400k
-bank owned/foreclosure


Why not offer below 400K? You’re carving yourself out of the big chunk of the market, IMO.

I can see where bank owned and foreclosure properties wouldn’t want it, but anyone selling a house for any price could utilitze the benefits of MIC :cool:

I’ll look into that.

After looking at my options, there are enough listings in my area to send out five letters a day to $400k+ without running out of listings. My gut feeling is that houses under $400k may have owners who are more handy and better able to assess their need for an inspection - more the “do it yourself” types. The more expensive houses will be more receptive to this premium service because the cost of the inspection is a relatively small percentage of the sale price.

I agree with Michael. Business is difficult enough to market for, why would you disqualify any potential work? You have plenty of opportunities to “lose them” during the interview if you feel the need to, i.e. increased fee, lack of scheduled time, etc.

You don’t need to filter them out. It’s a tough sell anyway. The market will filter itself out. The only listing inspections we do are on bigger and/or nicer homes.

Well, for now I’m capping the program at 5 letters per day. I can always evaluate it in a month or two.

Switch up your letters to the realtors.

We don’t have many homes over 400K in this area

I don’t think you can find much more than a 1 bedroom condo for under $400K in my area.

You can buy a 5 bedroom Victorian with custom woodwork and stained glass windows here for around 200k.

What’s the temp there? :wink:

What’s the temp there :shock: :lol:

We don’t have hurricanes. And, for those who like winter sports, great skiing and snowmobiling. Also, Michigan Tech has a well known ice statue exhibit every winter. On the down side, the economy here sucks.