MIC was awesome

I’ve been at MIC’s 3Days of Secrets and it is awesome. You guys all need to schedule to come next year and look up Mike Crow. Nick was at the event and was so nice and gave great information.

Totally agree with Daniel. It was a blast and for any cost you put forward, you get more back. I mean come on… Thanks to InterNACHI I got my picture taken and heard Joe Theismann speak!!

Can you share what you found valuable?

It’s a secret. They may get a hand cut off if they reveal any info. :twisted:

2 posts in ten years do not hold your breath

No secret really, create stuff to sell to Inspectors. There can be more money in that, if you have the right product/service, than in actually doing inspections. Start small while doing inspections and work it up to a big draw for hungry home inspectors! :wink:

It is amazing that people preach and perform seminars about doing home inspections, when they do not do inspections themselves. Why is that?

I have walked out of two seminars listening to this person. He promotes HI’s to “syck up” to agents. Not my cup of tea.

Yeah, 2 posts in a decade and it’s to praise Crow.
Same thing with this one.

MC is a licensed Texas Inspector #1525. He has been licensed for quite a few years now. Can’t tell you how many actual inspections he has performed but I expect he has logged quite a few.

You guys are trolls, grow up, you can knock me for my 5th post but ill be out inspecting instead of posting. And Mick Crow was great.

The Joe Theismann talk was worth the trip. You don’t have to buy anything at Mike’s events, unless you want to. And you don’t have to do what he recommends. I personally wouldn’t as I’m generally opposed to relationship marketing. But it’s just fun to be around other successful inspectors and share ideas. It’s also profitable as you’ll learn a lot from others while you are there.

I’ll bet he was.


Was he at the wrong seminar? Was the seminar run by a Mike Crow knockoff? :lol::lol:

Mike ran the entire event. I don’t know how he does it. It is so much work. He has one great presenter after another. I really recommend 3 Days of Secrets. It is so much fun and you learn so much from people you will never normally come in contact with otherwise. That benefit alone makes it worth going to.

I thought MIC was great. I was able to take away something from all of the speakers. A conference is the same with any conference. If you choose to not listen to anyone, that is totally up to you. Stating that there is nothing useful is someone’s opinion, and should be stated as much. As far as the money aspect, I will invest in things that I feel will benefit my business.

Well said David. 3 Days of Secrets is a good investment IMHO. And like David said, you can take away something from every speaker.

Also, not every idea works for every attendee. Would you catch me running around bowls of candy to real estate offices? Not in a million years. But it works like a charm for others.

3 Days of Secrets was an amazing time. TONS of useful info.
I also wanted to give a big thanks to Nick and the Internachi staff. What a great help to the inspection community.
Had a great time and learned tons of new things to implement in my business for the coming year and beyond.
Those who haven’t been there, put it on your schedule for next year!! Big benefit from being around other successful inspection businesses.

Bingo. That’s the real value of the event IMHO.