MICB working with President Elect Donald Trump's transition team.

At the Master Inspector Certification Board® and the InterNACHI School, we are building a replica of the Oval Office so that inspectors who come here can take photos of themselves being presented their plaques, awards, degrees, and certificates. We have been talking with President Elect Donald Trump’s transition team to find out what type of drapes the President will be having in the Oval Office so that we can get the same ones:


Sour grapes from the left coast… image that.:roll::D:lol:

Hey, you guys griped for 8 years, our turn!:cool::shock::slight_smile:

OK, we heard that President Trump hasn’t decided but that a staffer close to him believes he will have the maroon-colored drapes removed and replace them with gold-colored drapes. We think that is a good bet and so that’s what we’re going to go with.