Michael Clark wrote me a Valentines poem for my wife.

He is the best at this… Thanks Mikey !

“Well, I stopped to get a dozen roses, but that just seemed so cliché’
After all a dozen roses could never say what I want to say
Since our love is so unique in all its glory, all its power
What could say it better than a single, solitary flower?
One that’s picked above the rest, one that’s unique in all its fancy
One that’s deserving of the best, one that shows there’s only one Nancy
Only one for me, whose beauty will last beyond the scent
How could I ever describe the last 4 decades spent
The stem is the symbol of my straight and narrow love
The flower is you-the treasure I can’t stop thinking of
So yes, a single flower says better than a forest can
That you’re the one who made me the man that I am
The one who will love you long after the flower’s pedals drop
The one whose love for you will never ever stop
So just remember the words I’m trying to say
Is thank you for the last 48, and for every remaining Valentine’s Day”

I may get luck with that …Huh!:smiley:


Too cheap to buy a dozen?

I once gave my wife a single rose once about 40 years ago when we were dating. Her response was “Only one?” I told her it would be that last one, so she better make the most of it.

Spends all his money on little blue pills!

If you’re going to spend money on drugs, that’s the one.

Not me! I’m on testosterone injections.:smiley:

Lol, now that sounds like me! :cool:

I’ve given her thousand of roses and other flowers.
Sometimes I pick her some wildflowers.
She told me this morning when I gave her the poem and the rose …She said she loved it.

It was a wonderful sentiment. I’m sure she did enjoy it.

Last year i got my wife a compound mitre saw, complete with stand. She didnt seem to appreciate it much. So this year, she’s getting nothing, not even a sappy poem!

Jerk! She my have wanted a router this year…:smiley: