Michael John Meeker Is Now A Certified Master Inspector

It is with great pleasure that I announce today I have achieved the status of Certified Master Inspector

I have reached the highest level an inspector can reach in the world’s largest home inspector organization. **The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, **a Certified Master Inspector I decided to shoot for the stars and try to become the best of the best. Much like when I decided to become a Licensed Florida General Contractor I was not satisfied with becoming a Residential Contractor or a Building Contractor so I shot for and achieved the highest level I could in the State of Florida I became a Licensed General Contractor. Now I am happy to say I have achieved the highest honor a Home Inspector can achieve. I can tell the world I am a
Certified Master Inspector

Congrats Mike

Mike’s home inspection business was rockin’ and rollin’ for a few years, and then the worst thing that could happen to a home inspector happened to him. He broke his leg. What did Mike do? Did he quit? Nope. He purchased every inspector training publication that he could get from Inspector Outlet and then he took course after course from InterNACHI. He even showed up at inspection seminars on crutches.

You can judge a man by what he does when faced with adversity.

I agree I have talked to him a few times and I expect things will work out great for him Thanks Nick

Congrats Mike.


Congratulations Mike !

Congratulations. I admire your persistence.

Congrats Mike!!!

Congrats, Mike, I’m on your heels! lol (no pun intended)

Congratulations Mike.

Thanks to all for all the kind words.
Nick is absolutely correct about InterNACHI’s education, it is the best and a major reason I stay a member.
I received an email from a fellow member the other day and he asked me why I stay a member as he did not see all the benefits. The first thing I said was the education :slight_smile:
If all goes well this year hopefully I will earn my 3rd Beaumont Educational Award in 3 years :slight_smile:

I imagine the next time a member asks I will have some great stories and experience in how becoming a Certified Master Inspector has gotten me more business and allowed me to charge more than the average inspector.

I hope all had a great Thanksgiving.

Good Job!! Mike

Hey Nick,

Anyway you can tell us or is there a link that says how many C.M.I’s. there are?

The Few The Proud The C.M.I’s.

No disrespect to the United States Marines intended and Thank You all for your service :slight_smile:


Great job! You will see it pays off. Its like hitting the jackpot at foxwood it pays well. Mike you was always there for me you are a good guy! You say it like it is and I admire that in a person. Also a good friend.

Thanks Fred I feel the same way about you and have always been a good friend to me as well. Happy Holidays


What a great advertising according to my calculations just a gnats hair over 1% of all licensed home inspectors in Florida are Certified Master Inspectors like myself :slight_smile:

According to a fellow member there is currently 8073 licensed in the state and based on the search I did on the C.M.I site http://certifiedmasterinspector.org/ there are only 83 including myself.

I think I am going to like this :slight_smile: Once again I can stand above the rest. Before licensing I used my construction experience now with licensing I have become a Certified Master Inspector and by my calculations that puts me in at right about the top 1% of the industry :slight_smile: Not to shabby.

Your above post has inspired me…

You’ve come a long way since learning what a TPRV is just over three years ago.

Remind me again… just how many FULL Home Inspections you have performed in the last three years (CMI minimum requirement)? Oh, what the hey, let’s just go for the full four years you have been a member here…?

I could dig through all the threads where you once told us your “feelings” about doing FULL Home Inspections, but since you are ‘bragging here’, I thought you may like to ‘brag’ about those (verifiable, CMI minimum requirement) numbers also.

Thanks. Happy to do my part to “spread the word” of your accomplishment!

I am glad I have inspired you :slight_smile:

So, what’s the answer?

The citizens of the State of Florida wants to know about it’s newest CMI’s accomplishments and how they were obtained.