Michael Napadow & Nations Hazard scam

Hi to all,

Many of us remember the Nations Hazard scam perpetrated on our industry by Michael Napadow. He has finally been brought to justice, in large part this was thanks to the work of Ted Bader from the Insurance commission of Washington state.

Ted was kind enough to send us this update this morning.

I think our whole industry should recognise the efforts of Ted Bader and thank him for his on-going commitment to our industry.



Thanks for your effort in bringing this person to justice. Hopefully you will be able to put him away for a long time.

Great news. Yes, the wheels turn slowly, and hopefully they will run over and flatten this pig at sentencing.

It’s nice that he chose a full jury trial over a plea bargain, hopefully that will earn him a few extra years :twisted: :twisted:

I hope the Judge recognises the level of liability that he created for many home inspectors with this bogus coverage.



Thank you, Gerry, and an even bigger thank-you to Ted.

Gerry Thanks to all involved! He is just one of those people I would like to get my hands on. It is good the scum is going away! Please keep us posted come the November sentencing.
Thanks again,

I would love to come and give some recommendations for sentencing in November

After I get my $800 bucks back. What a scumbag. We should have a poll as to the sentencing.

I would like to … ( you fill in the answer )

great job.

I hope that the sentencing is Truly Reflective of the Damage that Michael Napadow has caused to the many Businesses and Consumers that have suffered due to his Fraudulent Business Practices.

Hi to all

Just recieved this email from Ted Bader