Michael Rowan and I are done begging. We gave the other associations a chance.

As you know, I am convinced that some industry unification via CMI solves a bunch of our problems in one swoop including our industry’s stagnant pricing structure, schools being financially unable to offer advanced courses, the public’s misconception that all inspections are alike, a lack of incentive for inspectors to take extra education, missing state licensing reciprocity, etc.

I appointed Michael Rowan as President. Our thinking was to try to get some good inspectors from other associations he’s involved with, to help us get rolling. We tried everything and probably offered way too much to try to cut some deals. That was my fault. We got a few good men who wanted to get on the ground floor of CMI, but the rest might never see the light. So the heck with the rest. We’re done begging. I’ve spoken with Michael tonight and we’re not waiting any longer.

We will now achieve some industry unification through a means that may be less than voluntary.

Michael will post some more tomorrow.

“We will now achieve some industry unification through a means that may be less than voluntary.”

Jeez, Nick, I haven’t rec’d a “draft” letter since '72!
Ooops - I already enlisted in this, didn’t I?!

I see a bunch of squabbles on this topic; I had a good chat with GB this AM.
Bottom line is, different folks sign up for CMI for different reasons. I think that non-CMI folks have more (negative) things to say about it than the few who have actually signed up for the program.

Has anyone considered polling (by private email) the existing CMIs to survey what they want / expect?

This whole concept has evolved into a mass CF & CJ.

(I’ll be happy to translate terms via email)

I’d like to see CMI as a true stand alone organization, totally and completely unaffiliated with NACHI and or the NACHI 100. I hope to see equally qualified inspectors from all inspection organizations join and participate in CMI membership and its operations. I believe CMI will indeed allow me to gradually increase my per inspection revenues as the organization grows in size and influence.

Merry Christmas All!

Hopefully this will put an end to the bickering and naysaying and the CMI’s current and future will unify in making this designation something to be proud of.

For those of us who hope to be CMI’s some day, you’ve given us confidence that you hope for far more than a marketing tool in this designation. You strive for a meaningful standard that we can all work to achieve and it will be something we can feel proud that we have done.

Russell you just won the understatement of the month award



G wiz Mr President I got mine in 1969. I was #11 in the draft lottery

Ha! You crack me up Russell

I’ll bet I know already…

Me = Marine
Dad = Marine
His Brother = Marine
Moms Brother = Marine


Michael, Nick;

It is time to enhance the standing of C.M.I. in the market place. Doing this with whatever means you have at hand will make it an even more desirable designation and will also increase it’s already substantial effect as a marketing tool .

And in the words of Martha Stewart ( I must have been drinking, now I’m quoting Martha Stewart!:shock: :shock: :shock: ) “And that’s a good thing.”


I think I understand your position, but please keep us advised. I know, in my own mind, that this has been a difficult few weeks for you, watching the action on the BB. I know it has been sickening to me at points. I look forward to more good news forthcoming.

Good Luck
Merry Christmas

I’m gonna say that the first “C” stands for “Cluster” and the second one stands for “Circle”. Am I right?

Do we need to designate a “pivot man”?

Russell you just won the understatement of the month award



Carl, you may be right!

Ooops - all in the same sentence - I’ve just made history!](“http://www.smileycentral.com/sig.jsp?pc=ZSzeb113&pp=ZSYYYYYYYYUS”)

I was one of the last invited to Trickie Dickie’s party, Hank

Joe, you’d make a great deductive lawyer, if you didn’t look so young . . .

How about “Chinese Fire Drill”? I’ve always liked the imagery that that expression evokes.

Russ, it’s the Schuylkil Punch that keeps me so young looking.

Russ That picture of him is 50 years old :wink: