Michael talks much about Texas licensing and how licensed inspector can succeed.


Episode 11.

Nick…great, great interview.

Michael does not mean to do so, but supports the anti-licensing argument beautifully.

As he says, once licensing is in place…technical expertise becomes irrelevant. All are licensed and all are equally competent.

Yep, and then at that point, the most competent inspectors don’t win, the best businessmen do.

That’s hilarious! Michael’s state license number indicates he is new to the business. So new, in fact, he may have only been an inspector since Oct 31st! He’s giving business advice?? You gotta be kidding me! That video certainly supports the notion that NACHI only attracts newbies.

Mike - This makes his interview all the more relevant.

A newby in a licensed state is as qualified to inspect as a 25 year veteran. The State says so.

Combining this with a background as a business consultant certainly gives him an advantage.

So are you saying that in Missouri that a newby is not as qualified to inspect as the 25 year veteran because the state doesn’t say so?

Michael B,

You are correct. Michael P, the guest, is new to the business. He is booked solid every day and has been for a year. He turns down about 30% of his inspections because he can’t fit them in. Like he and I said in the show, the businessman will beat the technical inspector hands down, every time. He’s proof.

Had it taken him 10 years to build up his business to the point it is, I would have agreed with you and would have said “10 years to become successful. You’ve got to be kidding me!” But it only took him 1 year. Hang on his every word.

I have no disagreement with the premise that one must be a good business person to succeed in this or most any other business. Let’s just leave it a that.

A man with a foreign accent, in Texas, in a low fee structure state, in a soft national market, gets his license and in a year completely dominates his market. He goofed. He should have offered his business success consulting services to us 6 months ago.

Damn that was good


Michael really was good. I met him for the first time in Dallas last month and at the end of the night I begged him to let me buy him a ticket to Boulder, Colorado to do the show.

for a janitor your pretty good yourself

I can talk to a room full of 5,000 REALTORs and inspectors without being the slightest bit nervous. However, put that NACHI.TV camera in my face and I stumble all over my words and get so nervous that I get sick to my stomach.

You could never tell. You look totally at ease.

Excellent show Nick.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:


Great choice of Businessman/Inspector for an interview.

Regardless of anything Michael Pagoulatos is an asset to this industry, just as others on this BB.

I for one am Blessed by his acquaintance and very fortunate to have him as a Chapter Member.

Who says, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”

Thanks for this Episode!

Michael P.,

Great job and thanx for sharing your wisdom and experience.

Associating with folks smarter than me has to rub off and make me better at what I am trying to accomplish.

I want to hire him to do an inspection on my house! :wink: :smiley: Lots of confidence without arrogance makes him very convincing. Best episode yet Nick. Thanks

Best episode, BY FAR! This has inspired me.:smiley:

Thanks, Nick!

Thanks Nick and Michael. That was a great interview. Nick, you did not look nervous. Michael, that was inspiring. I went and thought alot about promoting myself in a different way after your words.

also agree w/you that the state exam is the toughest in the country. took me a couple of times to pass it. now i don’t feel too bad.