Microsoft Internet Explorer Update

Released today the new version (v7) Microsoft Internet Explorer

Watch out for the Normaliz.dll issue
nasty little bugger- it will kill explorer.exe if it gets lost or corrupted

not a fun fix.
better know your command line and have mozilla installed

Typical of Microsoft. I am not going to download it only because I am on dial up. I use Netscape and Firefox the most and only use Explorer to download Microsoft Updates.

The Normaliz.dll error that you can run into with IE7 is really nasty because it will not only hose the Internet Explorer (run exe IExplore.exe) but the windows explorer (run exe explorer.exe) Windows explorer is the sub program your desktop, taskbar and Icon navigation system depends on.

How will you know you have a Normaliz.dll error?

Upon boot \ logon, you’ll get a error message which says explorer.exe could not start- missing Normaliz.dll. Then you’ll get your wall paper and a cursor.

You can control-alt-delete and bring up the taskmanger
and if you try to launch any new tasks from the application tab- the first letter you type into the ‘Open line’ will bring up the error message again.

if you find your self in this situation, ‘okay’ the error and type in ‘cmd.exe’
when you hit enter, the error will flash again, but you will also have a DOS window. -you better remember your cd, dir, unzip, and copy syntax :shock:

If you have broadband or networking, (if you have dial up- you’re pretty much SOL) and try to launch a broswer to download the Normaliz.dll file, you’ll need to run Mozilla (IE7 won’t give you the time of day).

Like I said, it was a nasty fix procedure.
Ran into this one yesterday after doing some clean up maintenance on my laptop. I discovered this fix before one shoting the computer. Luckly it worked.

I only use IE for sites that will not function properly with Firefox.

Like my web site.:frowning:

And for updates.

George, you lost me after the word “The”.:shock:

LOL James…I know the feeling. :slight_smile:

There are already dozens of companies complaining about IE 7.0 and warning their customers not to upgrade. Even our local MLS and SDAR are telling their members not to upgrade to IE 7.0 because their software doesn’t support it.

I’ve never used IE and have no plans to do so anytime soon, so I have no reason to upgrade. Outlook is another MS program that I’ve never used. I think everything else I’ve at least tried, and many I still use.

That is true, even of the companies that are ‘in-bed’ with MS like Verizon Yahoo DSL service. Pre-IE7 they had a fully tricked out port of IE6x with all the bells and whistles, they were pushing the upgrade to IE7, then after I said what the heck… I went for the push and found that IE 7 hosed some of their browser add-ons. About a week later, I got a notification from VerizonYahoo saying that I might not be able to use some features if I upgrade to IE7 and that I might want to wait until they get their software updated.

Not the end of the world, but seems to be the way MS likes to remind all other software providers that they (MS) still call all the shots.

Too bad the WINE project on LINUX never really was able to keep up with MS.

CNET did some testing with Firefox 2 and IE 7,
read about the winners in the shootout…