Microsoft Teams / Forum Resources

I am new to the forums and the InterNachi inspection community. I would like to ask if the InterNACHI organization has thought of utilizing Microsoft Teams to provide real time support to members questions or discussions?

In regards to the current forum, when utilizing a web browser on a pc, similar topics appear that have already been discussed. The best suggestion I can give to members asking questions is to see if your question can be answered by searching prior posts. This may also decrease the infighting.

I will also suggest to bookmark resources that will be beneficial to you in identifying product specifications using model numbers, etc. If I have time in the future I may search the valuable posts on InterNACHI with links to sites that can be useful to newer inspectors.

I do not know how large of an organization InterNACHI is but the last suggestion, it may be out of the realm of possibility, is to look into how software such as Salesforce may benefit your organization.

Thank you for your time and any discussion is welcome

Pretty sure that’s what the emergency forum is for.

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