microsoft word help please

Trying to set up my little league lineup card…this crappy league we are in requires that all kids sit out one inning before anyone can sit out an additional inning and nobody can sit out more than one inning in a row…ugh.

anyway, I want to be able to type the word “out” and automatically format that word with bold red font…

So when I start to type the word “out” I want Word to automatically finish (auto complete) the word…and automatically make it bold and red…




Not sure about the auto format but you can type is normally, then go to Edit, Find, Replace. Type in the word “out” in the first line, then type in the word “out” (all caps if you want) and then the format button below. You can choose the font, color etc. from that point. It will find and replace every “out” with the changes you made.

Good luck. I sure remember those days. If you as bad as I was, go to it is a program that works on your palm pilot that keeps hundreds of stats and is pretty easy to use. I think I have the stats from my kids first season in 4th grade all the way through his senior year in college this year. Did it help? Not sure but he was just named to ESPN the Magazines 1st team Academic All Region and is on the final ballot for Academic All American.


I would set it up as a Heading where you define it Red bold etc

Another way would be to record a Macro

I don’t really understand what the end product will look like


I am not the wizard with word that my better half is, I asked her about your question and this is her response:

Word will allow you to replace ‘out’ with ‘OUT’, but you cannot format the text until its in the document. Once its in the document, you can do a find, locate, and at each location, format it individually, or quite honestly, format it once, and copy, paste it everywhere you want it.

Dont know if that helps you but She works with word everyday where she works. So I pretty much consider her and expert on the subject. I say that and someone else will probably know more about it, but I tried.:smiley:

Tony, You don’t think that every kid should have a chance at playing in the game?

Just curious

That isn’t my point…I have 14 kids…each kid has to sit out once prior to any kid sitting out twice and nobody can sit out 2 innings in a row…it is a logistical nightmare. 10 of the 14 kids could play on a competitive team, it has zero to do with talent levels…only has to do with getting all the kids in at the right time. Oh and don’t forget they all want to play infield, pitch, and bat first. Ever coach little league ball? This is my 7th year and 12th team…never had 14 kids before though…so it isn’t easy to decide who goes where and when…who’s on first?

Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt…do I seem like that big of an AHOLE?

Tony, you may want to go old school and get a dry erase board, you can get 1/8" tape to make a permanent matrix.:smiley:

Go get um Coach:)

I have the dry erase board…and the dry erase board with the positions and the field on it…what I need is a spreadsheet that will move these kids around and moving them in and out of their positions…taking into account their likes and dislikes…their parents suggestions…and perhaps we could win while we are at it?

I guess I will stop trying to make them all so happy…and let them play ball and make themselves happy. This is the first year at this age group for me…I’m not used to having so many players that can actually throw and catch…usually I have 75% scrubs and it makes it easy as they don’t want to play the infield anyway…but this year I have 90% talent…and it is hard…I am going to need beers after this game.

Search Microsoft Word Help for “AutoText”

Perhaps that will work for you.

Can’t help you with the “outs”, only the “Beers”.

Hhhmmm - MSWord find / replace OUT with BEER.

See what that looks like . . .

Thanks anyway…I am just cutting and pasting which sucks, but at least it works.

Erby…psst…I did that first :wink:

We won the game…and only one parent complained because little Jimmy wasn’t pitching.

I don’t have any advice on Word other than what others have said about autotext, but tell that parent that complained that if they can do better to step up or shut up.

I coached my son’s soccer team for 6 seasons (fall and spring each year), and had one parent complain incessantly to the other parents that I wasn’t doing this or that right.

I must have been doing something right as our record over the time I was coaching was something like 40 wins and 5 losses with an average “goals for” around 8 and “goals against” around 3. I had the support of the kids and the other parents so it just rolled off my back.

One day in the middle of a practice drill, he called me over to tell me he was going to write a letter to the soccer association and complain that his son wasn’t getting his fair playing time, which was supposed to be 1/2 the game.

I handed him the whistle and said “have a nice day” turned and walked over to the other parents and said that Mr. Complainer was now the coach. They freaked, he shut up, all was good.

Why aren’t you doing it in Excel?

I do not know

You could try using the form toolbar and either using a drop-down item list or checkbox.

I hope that helps.