Microwave Ovens over Ranges

Can anyone tell me if a Microwave Oven mounted over a Range in place of a range hood needs an independant circut, or can it share a circut.


I am not aware of any reason that it would require a dedicated circuit, best practice would have it on a dedicated single receptacle.



210-23(a) would prohibit this: “The total rating of utilization equipment fastened in place, other than lighting fixtures, shall not exceed 50 percent of the branch circuit ampere rating where lighting units, cord and plug connected utilization equipment not fastened in place, or both, are also supplied.”
Since microwave ovens are normally between 13 & 14 amps plus the ventilation fan and the lights, this is well over 50 percent of a household circuit, making a dedicated circuit necessary.

Beyond what Brian has stated which is 100% correct BTW…another way to look at is this…It will exceed the 50% as stated…but since it is in the kitchen…you know it can’t be on the Counter Top Circuit if it is FIXED in PLACE…so…short answer…Yes, a dedicated line should be run to the MicroWave…a counter top model is fine usually…still can trip a circuit but if it is FIXED in place over the range…dedicated line…:slight_smile:

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when you’re wrong you’re wrong, I am at fault for not thinking that one through to its logical conclusion.

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A microwave oven may be min 800watts to 2000watts . SO better if you have a separate board. Or there will a risk to burn the board when 2 or more powerful device share the same thing. If you want to use a electric oven and a microwave oven in a same soket then must be use high quality board with min 10A soket. :slight_smile: