Microwave tester

Hey Nick
Where do I go to get another tester? My last one is no more. All i have left is the bean bag. :slight_smile:

Email me fastreply@nachi.org your shipping address and I’ll send you a couple of them.


Got your email, shipping.

What no popcorn?

What is this microwave tester you speak of? I’ve always used a small cup of water

Yes, Nick is shipping small cups of water to Sean….Nick is smart. :p:mrgreen:

Here ya go:
http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/internachi-led-microwave-oven-testers-leak-detectors.aspx :slight_smile:

I shipped him a pregnant cat. Works just as well.

Apologies to cat lovers… it was only a joke.

I want a cat

The tester test for leaking microwaves, not function. My wife was impressed. ������

My wife would love it if the UPS man dropped off a pregnant cat. One of the drawbacks of marrying a woman that was raised on a farm.