I noticed the discoloration on the interior of this microwave and thought it looked like rust which would be unusual. I opened the cabinet above it and found serious charring of the cabinet floor which is directly above the microwave. That’s not just stains, there’s physical damage there as well. Needless to say I wrote it up as a serious safety hazard that needed immediate, if not sooner, attention before it burst into flames. This is a first for me.

Hi Michael, interesting find…it isn’t as clear to me, seeing it from Michigan, that the two go together but I’m glad you found it and commented on it as you saw it.

Larry, the top of the microwave was about 1" below the flooring of that cabinet. For whatever reason it was apparently heating the bottom of the cabinet to extremes. Here’s a photo of the front of the microwave and you can see just a little of the cabinet doors above. I have no idea why this charring was occuring though.