Mid American Property Management

Did a walk through the other day for these guys… it was practically next door… then i learned it was Countrywide work… I’ve had REAL bad experience with countrywide… but wanted input from anyone on these folks…

they said they’ve been working with Countrywide for 10 years?

I did work for RSN out of boston a few years ago and was stiffed 1800 on CW work… they claim to never have been paid for by CW… I know ultimately it is RSN responsibility but… :roll:



-Mid American Property Management-
I to did some work for them at the beginning of December. I have not gotten paid for the work I did for them. When I called company about payment,they told me at first that I would be paid in 30-45 days of doing the work. I told them that is not what we talk about or agreed to, it was suppose to be 30 days… The person from the Mid American Property Management then told me that they did not get paid from countrywide and they were having some problems with them at this time. The company’s response was when they get paid I would get paid. Mid American Property Management then told me that I would get paid in 30-45 business days when they got paid. I told that this is not what we agreed to, NOT 45 business days. The person said to me that’s the way it is. As of today I have not heard from them. I have done work for other company’s and had no problems, but this one takes the cake. I will not do any more work for this company…
Ron Rodrigue
Elm-City Home Inspections


I steered clear for the most part after my first posting… ANYONE that has to do with Countrywide is not worth my effort…

most recently MCI? or similar has been calling… they say they don’t do countrywide but sounds similar…

Where is Mid America Property Management located???

Anyone had any recent dealings with Mid American? Good or Bad?

A realtor called me today and Tina is calling home to go look at a property I did for them last year… he called me asking about it… I told him be weary…

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most courts have held that “pay when paid” clauses are limited to 90 days. give it to a debt collection attorney for collection.