Might be a dumb question but am i supposed to be taking a lot of notes while reading the whole course?

theres not a lot of things written in bold in the course and it seems like i would pretty much have to write this entire course down to memorize it all. Is there a way to get an idea of whats going to be on test/ whats more important?? or am i supposed to memorize thirty thousand words in each chapter??

What ever works the best for you Andrew and how you retain the information provided by the course. Assuming you are taking about the interNACHI courses, at the beginning of each course, there is an option to download the course in PDF format. I always do and use it as a study tool. If you have a lot of ink and printer paper, you could print it out and highlight it as you go along. What ever works the best for you.


Take notes.

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I never took any notes during the classes but did as Thomas says and downloaded the material at the start. I don’t recall referencing it much but did a few times.

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When doing the video courses, it is best to take notes, :thinking:


I always take notes, it helps me to retain what I am learning.


$$$$$$$$$$$$ spendy…:wink::wink:

I always download the course pdf and use Adobe to open and highlight/make notes for certain sections then save the changes, I also write :writing_hand: notes by hand.

@arogers9 After taking a few courses, taking quizzes, and final exam you can get better at figuring out what you need to concentrate on…
And like @sbridges2 said, write notes when watching videos…


I guess that depends on what your objective is… to simply ‘Pass’ the exam, or to LEARN the subject matter?
Your decision, it’s your life… (and the lives of your potential clients)!!


The way to take these courses is fairly simple. When you come to a test or quiz, right click and select open in another tab. At that point you have two windows open; one with the entire course including all the section headings, and one with the quiz or test. Switch back and forth to take the test. It is important for you to read ALL of the course material as the section headings will not always indicate where the information that you want is. Toward that last goal, simple notes may help. I know this works on Chrome, YMMV on other browsers.


Some of the quiz questions on a section’s quiz may not be from that particular section either.

I did this using Microsoft Edge, it works. If you have a windows machine, hold the windows button and tap the left arrow button while on one tab, then do the same thing using the right arrow while on the other tab, and you can have them both open at the same time on a split screen. Or try dragging the 2nd tab to the right side.

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Yep, it is how many that pass do it… … :+1:

A different form of taking notes for me is to work the potential observations into my report template, effectively performing two tasks at once, working out the words later as needed. I also download the Study GuidesPDF to save for future reference. Ultimately your goal should be to understand the material and be able to apply that knowledge in the field on the fly rather than memorizing words for a test. I hope this helps.