Might Nice Neighbors

Not completely fluent in Vato Loco, I believe it says “Lock your truck, and keep an eye on your tools”.

I crossed out all the signs and left some of Dales business cards.:stuck_out_tongue:
Then drove off in my Barrio-Speed-Wagon

Translation, ‘save the border, vote for Hillary’ :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to publicly thank Brian for helping me inspect a 90 unit Travel Inn today.

The buyer was a beautiful women (investor) from the pacific northwest.

After I went on the roof, I have not seen Brian or the investor since 10:00 am this morning…hmmmm…](*,)

Brian, please fax me the interior notes for the 90 units if your back from where ever you and her went all day…:lol:…:profile:…:-&…:-({|=

I think I see him in the pool with her

I think it’s pretty apparent, he’s hangin’ out in the alley.

Thank god you did not show any close ups of that place Dale. :smiley:
PS is my check in the mail? :wink:

Was brian getting paid by the piece/unit?? :wink:

Screw it, I’m moving west. Dale and BK are out playing around on motel roofs making good money while I have my left leg protruding through someones living room ceiling. :twisted: :smiley:

Hey, Brian, was she good looking? :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I know why you told me you were working late the other night.

Hope you did a good job for her, ah, I mean for Dale. ha. ha. :slight_smile:

Marcel:) :wink:


I found him today, on top of one of the buildings we were inspecting…:lol:

He was writing more graffiti on the roof (this time)…:lol:

I left my business cards with 11 different occupants…and I left a handful of Brian’s cards in 1 business " :margarit: Ignition Lock Breathalyzer :margarit: " below where he was standing…:lol:…:lol:

Damm you Duffy. :smiley:

Geezes Dale, is he that difficult to straighten out?:shock:

Take those crayons out of his hands, he has to much time on his hands and his mind wonders a lot.:wink: :mrgreen:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink: