Mike Boyett...

Texas favored by three. You’ve worn the dress every year. I’ll take Tech straight up and give you a chance this year. Are we gonna do it again? :smiley:

Sure…why not?

You’re on my man!

***"Leave the cannoli, take ***
the points." :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it started out very well for UT but the 2nd quarter didn’t fair well for them. I’d say that TT sure has the momentum going to the 2nd half. UT quarterback Gilbert better get his act together!

That was a strange first half. Tech’s defense looked pretty good and bailed them out.

Well, at least that one defensive end for sure.

They tell me I look pretty in pink! :slight_smile:

Well, I’ll let you choose your own shame. Whatever shade of burnt orange you think is best :mrgreen:

I think this should be in the next Home Hints Newsletter. :shock: