Mike Crow in Ohio June 4th

Mike Crow will be in Ohio giving a free discussion on marketing. Here is the information. I hope you can take advantage of this opportunity.

June 4th Saturday 9am-noon
at O’Charlies Restaurant
283 Howe Ave
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Here is an outline I was given:

Marketing Success Formula
Q.S. + Q.L. + M.F. + R.R. + C.I. + W.N. = BIG $$$
Q.S. = Quality Service
• USPs (Unique Selling Points)
• Are you the last inspector standing?
Q.L = Quality Leads
• Big Bang Marketing
• 8 Week Program
• Direct Mail
• Email Marketing
• Multiple Websites
M.F. = Marketing Funnel
• Advertising
– Business Cards…
– Brochures…
– Flyers – to inspire every personality type to want to work with you…
• Online (Website, Email)
• Tele-Seminar
• Tele-Marketing
R.R. = Risk Reversal
• Satisfaction: If you are not happy for any reason, we’ll refund
• Outcome: If you don’t at least receive ‘X’ we’ll refund
• Unconditional: Should be your primary guarantee
• Conditional: Can be an ‘additional’ guarantee
• Multiple Better Than Single
• Refund Consequences: Typically the long and the better the guarantee…the lower the refund rate
• Presentation: How the guarantee is stated
C.I. = Continuity Income
• Create a Customer for Life
• No Additional Marketing Costs
• Hyper Responsive Customers Will Surface When Made the Right Offer
• Toll Position
• Substantially Increases the Value of the Business
• Often Become the ‘REAL’ Business Within the Business
• Learn How to Do This with NO Cost…
W.N. = What’s Next?
5 Steps Toward Success

Report Writing Blueprint… Mike Crow will cover the following:
• Is it “profitable” to take the report beyond the Standards of Practice?
•How often should I recommend Specialist?
You Need The Answers To… BUT FIRST… A Few Questions…
•How Long Can I continue to not…Email my Report?
•How many Pictures…if any?
• Country Boy English vs. Technical Terms?
•Which software should I use?
•What Hardware should I use?
• How Long should my Report Be?
•How much information is too much… How much is too little?
•How long should it take to write a Report… a normal report?
•How much detail should I list for Appliances…(Model#/Serial#/Age…etc)
• Should I do Repair Estimates or Not?
•How do I handle Cosmetic Issues?
•What about border line defects… vibrating ceiling fan or small chips in tubs?
• Should I mention Positives?
• Can I just email the report or do I need to make a hard copy as well?
•Questions…as time permits at the end… please write yours down
• Closing statement that says “Recommend"

All that in 3 hours?

I hope you know shorthand. :shock:

I do not know if he will be able to hit everything. I do know that is always worth while to listen to Mike whenever the chance comes up. Definitely will get your “marketing mind” activated.

Thank Jim

Was at a Mike Crow seminar in April. He does cover all the points. Hold your questions to the end.

This is one reason I question, as Home Inspector’s, are we doing too much. He addresses an easy systematic approach to home inspecting. Short documentation. On-site documentation, and payment on-site. Hence, the lap top computer, cellular air card, and portable printer.

Definitely a course you do not want to miss if you have the opportunity.

Close to my home, going to try to make it!!

Same here, only 45minutes

Looking forward to seeing many of you there.

I had a cancelation for tomorrow so it looks like I am heading to Cuyahoga Falls to listen to Mike Crow and meet some Inachi members.

definitely worth seeing, I avoided scheduling inspections for Saturday so I can attend it.

See ya’ll tomorrow

Someone do me a favor and take pictures of Mike during his talk.:slight_smile:

Dare I ask why?:mrgreen:

You will find out fast.:):):slight_smile:

I thought the event was worth my time. I enjoyed the presentation.

It was also a pleasure to meet a few of the inspectors around my area.

A few good tips were passed around.

Sorry Bob, did not read the post until I got back.

Thanks to Jim Troth for setting this up.

Thanks to Mike Crow for the presentation.

Darn, I was looking forward to his reaction remarks.I thought he was going to have me thrown out.

Bob if you were in attendance I do not believe Mike would of made it through his presenation.

I know a lot of guys would have some heated discussions and differances of opinions on marketing and report writing.

But, it was a free event and I did get something out of it.

Marketing is a huge part of being successful and I am always willing to listen/learn.

The biggest key to customer service is knowing how to listen and also the hardest to learn.

Definately worth the time. Thanks Jim.