Mike Holmes is an Idiot....

Just wonder who,s calling Mike H. an idiot.
Can everyone here be BC inspectors.**** guys this guy knows more than you will ever know or possible dream of knowing.
Man oh man if you fools only open your eyes this guy is showing an obvious problem in the mallet place.All those home inspectors where asses.


This is a bit of an UNREALITY TV show. Mike is coached, directed and has a team of licensed professional tradesmen with him…and he can open up all the walls and ceilings…plus he way overdoes it for dramatic effects. The clients are scared sh_tless to begin with and then GOD walks in with an apparently endless bag of $$$$$. In one show I saw this week, he calimed he spent $140,000 on one renovation. Do you have that kind of $$$$$$??

He also claims that he designs the fancy fix-ups…What a guy…and an interior designer to boot!!!


You will understand if you ever really become a home inspector.

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]One of his programs he stripped a wall and replaced the 5 inch heat pipe with a six inch because they could on extremely cold days get enough heat to the third floor bed room . He blamed the Installer for this and Mr. Homes cost to repair was $26,000;00 .
Well If this was my home a supplementary electric heater would cost a lot less .
How about a $300;00 duct fan or a $30;00 fan the goes into the vent to help draw the heat into the bed room .
They work great and do the job .
Of course Mr. Homes would not get to play home repair/inspector expert .

I am amused how everyone is viewing him.MIKE H.
Can it be those BC inspectors that have there shorts in a knot.Man where they shown for what they are.
Everyone knows now and we have a Nonmember lighting and fanning the flams.
Join Brian put your money where your mouth is.
As for Mike ,he is a general contractor.They do not know all.They have more then enough experance and training to detect and build to code.
If you see TV shows pass by something you think, maybe that system or structure, is not code then maybe its not being applied that particular show.
We can all be armchair builders but try the real thing before passing judgment.
Brian it $599 to join you know.
Please remember code changes state by state province by province.

Roy I do understand your post.Please remember that it is what it is a show for the fans.
if you take a second hand car and do the same you can replace everything.That being said,per show they are given certain designations upon what subject to expose the public to.30 minutes to inform.
Not much time to get it all in.
We take 3 to 4 hours to inspect a home that took 10,000 man hours to build,and god know how many hours to degrade.
just setting an example.
We can all be armchair builders.
Lots of money to be even a small one.I know first hand.
599 Brien to join.

If you belive Mr Homes is a contractor then I expect you thought
Dr. Marcus Welby… Robert Young Dr.
was a Doctor .
and Perry Mason ](http://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CCAQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FPerry_Mason&ei=vr2HTMj8BcH98Ab8leBs&usg=AFQjCNF0qTqAv2nALYXMx-lKZ4c7xjNCrA&sig2=dU8D64kGxEqGyvhMt1kWYg) was a lawyer

and I understand they have some great swamp land in Florida for sale .


You may be surprised at how many of us InterNachi Members are GC’s and Homebuilders! (Active or Retired).

As an example… the member that posted before mine… Marcel Cyr… has over 40 years as a residential and commercial builder, with a very extensive list of credentials !!!

We know what we see, and M.H. is definately it !!!


Thanks Jeff, your making me blush. Just geting older and being replaced by younguns’ that no it all. No big deal, but Roys post was dead on. ;):slight_smile:

I am.

He is a gorilla with a sledge hammer. He is NOT a home inspector…he just plays one on television.

Anyone with a Readers Digest Home Repair Book can run around knocking down walls and finding things wrong with someone else’s work and I don’t fault the guy for being able to make a living out of fooling people into thinking he is a contracting genius.

I fault the mental midget for actually thinking (and trying to convince others) that a home inspector should be caving in walls, ripping up carpeting, pulling off crown molding, and otherwise destroying a piece of property in the process of inspecting it.

Take away his sledge hammer and give him a clipboard, a pen, and a flashlight and let him inspect a building, first — then be followed by Roy Cooke…and you’ll see how little he can actually detect.

He’s a fugging idiot.

Actors make a lot of money Jim, and the bottom line to an Actor is portraying someone they are not and convincing the public that they are superior in the role they are playing. In this case a Home Inspector.
Hell, if I had a cast of professionals like he does and an unlimited budget to take things apart like he does to find something wrong, I would be a Super Home Inspector too.

Just notice that nothing is found wrong until the sledge hammer exposes it.
Inspections are based on observations, not demolition.
He is only as good as his teacher, do we see him or her anywhere?
For someone to excel in performance of any trade, a baseline is needed, that is usually the teacher in the learning curve of whatever you do.
Once you have excelled that performance above and beyond that baseline, it is now time to compare your skills with other professionals.
Until that point, you are just another apprentice in the trade.

At 13 years old, I was an expert at taking things apart and learning why things were wrong. The problem I had was putting it back together. :mrgreen:

That is when the teacher comes in.

When I was 19, as a Union Carpenter in Florida, a nice man showed me how to drive a wood stake in the ground without splitting it.
I will never forget it and never again seen someone use that technique.

Nicest guy in the world. I thought he was old which he was probably in his 40’s. ha. ha.
The guy was black, and I enjoyed learning from the man. School of hard Knox he was.

Moral here, everything in this world might not be all as it may appear. Do not be fooled by what you see on a TV show, they are there to make a profit and really don’t care what you think, as long as the sponsors are making a profit also.

Keep on watching the show, I like to dream too! But when I wake up, reality strikes back.


Thanks James that would just make my day .
Many others have challenged him and they get ignored .
Those who post on his Forum with good information get removed they do not want any posts that show Mr Homes errors.

Thats great.Love the Doctor pun.Had it used all my life.If you knew my full name you would have 3 known actors and band leaders to mention.THE SHOW( its for the fans)
I its for the fans.He has to have some qualifications to be doing what he does and be recognized by whom ever started the show.I watched this old house when it was in its infancy and also saw mistakes but to condone them’‘why’’.
I am pointing out the fact that he saw what others ( 6 ) professionals in our trade or specialized field did not see.They had ample opportunity to view everything including mold,holes in fire place ,extra wiring,everything that should sound off bells and whistles.
I am guessing he is a contractor.Again why would they bring him on board.They would be challenged by others and opening them selves to liable,would they not?
I know and see many INACHI members are contractors, tradesmen, real-estate agents, brokers.I also know I have a lot to learn.Lots and lots and lots.Did I mention Lots…I know I have to view things in another prospective as a residential building inspector.I have lots to learn and then some and more and more and more.
That being said ,I will not knock a man down for not knowing him and his abilities and not knowing the full intent of the show.We are looking as residential building inspectors,not code violations,unless you have the certificate and when you see a violation of anything thing, how do you know its not OK for that province or has not been fixed because the show is only (x) minutes long and they can only squeeze in so much into that30 or 60 minutes.
I do not watch the show but laugh or be sacastic at his work and knowadge.WHY.

Gee he talks all the time about minimum code I have taken a few code courses and have yet to figure out what is minimum code .
When a person brags about how great they are and they are far from great then I see nothing wrong with centering them out and I think even with directions being shouted in his ear Mr. homes still makes mistakes .
To remove posts on his errors shows just how insecure he is .

No doubt, there are hours of film that never make the airwaves of “oopses” and “oh darns” as the Mighty Thor knocks out a piece of the building to find nothing there of consequence…and he has to fix. It’s only the “discoveries” that make it to air.

Mike Holmes is an idiot.

OK guys I hate him to.
Just for piece.

Wrong thing to do .
If you like Mr. Homes then just sit quiet and see if you can figure out why many disagree with him.
He has little support from those who have done inspections for years .
We (I) Tend to see through his Grander .
It has been reported many times he has no trade and many on this Forum are like you a tradesman.
Me 55 years in International Brotherhood Of Electrical workers.

I was only kidding Cooke.Really.I stated my position and I stick by it.I do not know the man nor his background nor his ‘‘field or expertize’’. I can not judge. I see others have.Seen allot worse than him in the field.
Definition of a farmer.’‘A man ‘‘out standing’’ in his field.’’
I was making a ha ha.
Thanks Mr.Cooke.Always like hearing from you.God bless.

The bottom line issue is what he **portrays **to the **innocent public. **You, me, others in the industry understand it’s a tv show. The problem being that the majority of the people watching his shows **do not know any better! **The network it shows on (HGTV) lends credibility to what he says and does as fact.

Maybe the next time you watch one of his shows, forget you know anything about the industry, **watch **and **listen **to everything he says and does. Watch it from the general public’s viewpoint.

Now think back and critique the show from a Home Inspector’s perspective. Nit pick the hell out of it. Did he find anything of substance **before **he tore the walls apart? How many times did he cite “code”? How many **other **professionals did he have on site? How often did the other professionals find problems **halfway into **the repair? How many times did he “talk smack” about the Inspector?

Now we are just scratching the surface…