Mike Holmes is an Idiot....

The CBC show was basically made as a promotional video for Holmes. It’s too bad that the whole industry gets lumped together because of some poor “inspectors”. It would be nice to see all the raw footage of this production. The CAHPI rep came across very poorly, certainly the opposite of the pubilicity they thought they were going to get, I bet.

Here’s the video…


Atually he can, he was given an hounaray doctortete from BCIPI a few years ago.

What they didnt think the mogul media man didnt have alterier motives…

**Well he could not be an InterNACHI member because he violates article 2 and 11 of the COE. **
2.The InterNACHI member shall not engage in any practises that could be damaging to the public or bring discredit to the home inspection industry.
11.The InterNACHI member shall not perform or offer to perform, for an additional fee, any repairs or repair-associated services to structure on which the member or member’s company has prepared a home inspection report, for a period of 12 months. This provision shall not include services to components and/or systems which are not included in the InterNACHI standards of practise.

He is not a home inspector. He simply plays one on television.

The guy is a fake…and we are letting him represent us to the public.

Every show I’ve seen where he has messed with the stairs he has left them unsafe.
Not one of them meets the building codes

At first I was pissed at Mike for doing this but I have since changed my opinion. I now salute Mike for doing this.

You have to admit that these 5 “Unqualified” inspectors have sent Mike Holmes “stock” through the roof!
All 5 inspectors are idiots IMO and have no business inspecting homes.
If I was a paying member of OAHI I would ask Glen to suspend the RHI inspector that was involved in this fiasco. Every RHI should be pissed with the performance of this RHI. I think the other 4 inspectors were members of ASHI and NAHI;-)

Jeez John! I’m worried about us!


Don’t know if you saw one of the earlier shows (year 2 or 3, I believe) in which he’s rebuilding a failing basement entrance block retaining wall. One of his comments: “This should have been built to medium code”. Oh great CONSTRUCTION GURU (according to the press), present us with this esoteric, hidden document not available to the masses. We commoners are not so lucky have a medium code for better construction.

There are many programs where things can be picked apart. His knowledge of BS, AC/Heating/ventilation, energy efficiency is not great.

His website has a cult-like following…dare to question or contradict him and they will fight you. One thread was quickly locked when 5-6 of the top technical posters question his approach to determining the source of a moisture problem in a house. Even Shawn (his right hand man at the time) was puzzled/questioning the procedures.

One evening after I explained an issue on the boards and other posters started to agree with me, they were called “my puppets” by the top poster. We had many tussles as this top poster was not even in the building business. I am not allowed on his boards now. Fancy that!!!

Mr. Mike Holmes should be given a Juno (Our equivalent of Oscar) and an Oscar for his great acting abilities in the categories of “CONSTRUCTION GURUS” and “HOME INSPECTORS”!!!

BTW, Mike Holmes should never have been consulted for this program as he has a dog in the race: The HI business/franchising?? operation he’s trying to push for his next million/s! He has a conflict of interest and cannot be unbiased!! Would they have brought the president of Amerispec on to comment on other inspection companies? Don’t think so.

There may be a plan in the works.

Would you be interested in pre-inspecting and reporting on a house…then have it inspected by a Canadian NACHI member and Mike Holmes? Then, for the record, compare their report to yours?

I saw some repaired gyproc in the bedroom(s) ceiling today, little mildew in the attic. I was tempted to get the old sledge out and start removing interior finishing, instead, I told everyone that there was a grow show in the house and to run as fast as possible. Good thing I watched that episode of Marketplace on CBC. Almost missed another grown op.

LMAO, good one Mark! I felt the same way after watching. Can you imagine how many deals we would kill if we made assumptions about our findings. Imagine if we said “… based on the lack of receptacles and reversed polarity, we believe the basement wiring has been installed by someone who is clueless about electrical. This leads us to be even more concerned about behind the drywall, therefore we recommend having the basement finishes removed in order to …”. We’d be black listed instantaneously.

Holmzie did a show/job about 5 or so years ago,pretty sure it was in Oklahoma,was a younger couple who had a leaky basement.

Tell ya right now, Holmes INCORRECTLY-INCOMPETENTLY mis-diagnosed this couples problems. Hes no freakin expert of this subject,guaranteed.Holmzie…got MILK?

USED ta be able to view this episode,not anymore! lol
I emailed him,his staff and posted his fc ups on his website which they immediately deleted.

The couple had poured walls,leaked due to some leaky rod holes,openings/gaps around-in or under a basement window,openings above grade by front corner and lastly i ‘think’ there was 1 vertical crack.

Heres what HE did, -he gets a small trencher and digs up the ENTIRE side,had to take a fence down in order to get trencher in there....lol.Shouldve HAND DUG dude!

-he piles ALL the dirt along/on bank,right near trench!!! ](,)](,)](*,)
the trench DOES cave in. #-o#-o#-o

-using this trencher ruins quite a bit of the grass,say again he should have and could have EASILY hand dug this.

-he damproofs the wall,doesn`t waterproof it AND backfills with MOST of the shtty same soil…pretty dang sure it was mostly-all clay…
not good Mike.

-Then at-near end of show of course he claims how good he is/was on this job etc…LOL!!!

Here`s what he SHOULD have done,what the homeowners truly/only needed…
-plug/seal any-all rod holes on the inside.
-find the 1 or more above grade openings near front corner and fix/repair it correctly.
-find-seal any opening/gaps under around the basement window,window may have needed to be replaced as well.
-HAND DIG…ONLY a 5’ or so trench to footing to fix/waterproof the 1 g dammm crack! And backfill the trench w/all gravel!!

The ENTIRE WALL did…NOT NOT NOT need to be excavated/damproofed as he did.The GRASS did NOT need to be ruined.
The fence did NOT need to be fc`d with!

I tried to find couple`s contact info,no luck.

The orignal storey I read. The home owner was busted for the grow op and lived right next door to this house. Nothing was disclosed by the home owner or realtor prior to sale. Possibly the realtor was not aware as well. The necessary steps to prevent resale should have been taken by the RCMP or the local jurisdiction foir the protection of the public. But the full responsibility should be on the previous home owner. What good is non disclosure if it is not enforced?
When you get renovators that can conceal evidence of grow ops it is difficult to determine evidence. There are grow ops that go hand in hand with renovators who buy cheap, renovate to conceal the damage inexpensively and make a tidy profit.
I have found several “undisclosed” grow ops and reported further investigation is required, ie open up walls to determine if power supply has been compromised to start and if confirmed would recommend mould evaluation and further evaluation.
I have also received permission to open walls to expose electrical masts for suspicion of tampering and have been correct on both.
You think i am putting myself at risk?

It looks bad to me; it will have lots of cases coming up like this soon.

It just happened last month, an inspector got $ 200,000.00 judgment.
Mark, you are lucky!

I have been told that a house in Abbotsford, BC had to be tested for grow-op contamination because the it had been used as a grow-op by previous owner. The current owner had to pay over 1600.00 to have these tests done. I was told that the house is in a grow-op database and will be forever. If anyone knows if this is true or can provide additional info this would be a good time to tell us. I also believe that a data base has been set up that covers the south half of Alberta. This data base will list all properties that have been busted for drug production.
IMHO all properties that have been busted for restricted drug production should be listed and this information should be made public to anyone that wants to know.

I disagree with the title! It should read Mike Holmes took a step forward, broke the silence and denounced inspectors want to be!

I took a step back, enjoyed breathing and decided I should thank him for this stepping up to the plate!

Many of my clients say they love to surf the net and watch Mike Holmes do his thing.

He can certainly get his message out!

I occasionally take time to watch some Mike Holmes series and so far I have enjoyed all of them.

I applaud him for accepting accepting to defend the unsuspecting buyers that we are also there to protect against unscrupulous sellers!

Listen guys and girls, if the shoe fits then wear it!

I live in Brossard and also inspect here, I have seen the damage done with grow-ops! (It is worse than venting bathrooms in attics.)

In 2005, On the OACIQ official web site, we could read this:

“According to police forces, hundreds of homes in various municipalities in the province of Québec (Brossard and area included), have already been identified as having been used for growing marijuana. Considering the serious damages that can be brought on to the buildings by humidity and the health risks associated with the presence of mould, real estate brokers and agents must take special measures when buildings that may have been or may be used for those purposes are put on sale, bought or rented,” explained Robert Nadeau, President and Chief executive officer of the ACAIQ.

I am familiar with GROW OPS, I saw the Nike Holmes report on this issue and it felt right for me to take the PHPIC 2010 seminar on Grow-ops.

Also, on Mike Holmes’ web site, we can read the following:
Mike Holmes Inspections will provide you with valuable knowledge about a home’s major components and systems by conducting a thorough visual examination and assessment to detect defects and deficiencies so you can make a more informed decision. Home Inspections are intended to provide you with an understanding of the home’s condition, as observed at the time of the inspection.

I see nothing wrong with this, no smoke screen either.


Marc-Andre Beauchemin,BMAinspections.com


Just about every show I watch there is something missed or misquoted by Mike and his help, who are trained by him!!

Read this thread for some other insights into his arrogance. I believe the idea for the show is right on but he’s the wrong guy for the show. He draws an audience who know very little about buildings so he can get away with it. HGTV loves him because of it.

I really like the quote from Mike:
“A home inspector should have been able to imagine what’s behind these walls”
What?? If you can’t see it, dream it up!!!

BTW, I have not been allowed on his web forums for 4+ years now due to the fact I challenged he and some of his cult-like followers on incorrect items on the show and online posts. After only being on the web forums for 5-6 weeks, in an online “straw poll”, I had been voted as being one of the top 5 posters…but the administrators did not want me there to burst the bubble of Mike as GOD!

Oh! remember that in the grow-op show, Mike claimed he could’ve found the house problems at 18 years of age…do you really think??? Mike has become too full of HIMSELF!!

Another BTW…Mike Holmes could not legally practice as a home inspector in British Columbia. I wonder if he could actually have passed a TIPR for the National Certification Program! The TIPR house that I inspected near Moncton, New Brunswick about 1+1/2 years ago tripped up an inspector that was certified by both his franchisor and by INACHI*. So I wonder if Little Mikey could have found everything by himself without his team of advisors/backups.

*He is no longer an INACHI member, has passed a second TIPR and is now a member of CAHPI!!!

Here’s something from John’s Bubber’s posts:
"USED ta be able to view this episode,not anymore! lol
*I emailed him,his staff and posted his fc ups on his website which they immediately deleted." *

YUP!!! They control the boards so that only nice things get said!! One thread about a show in which Mike was out of his element was shut down within 2 days as the more knowledgeable posters (actual tradesmen, architects, engineers, CETs) were dissecting the episode…BUT THE SHOW must go on…no need to deal in truths.

I tend to not watch his shows I get too upset .
One of his shows they traveled with the camera and in about 3 seconds as the camera panned,
I saw an amalgamated panel over fused, stairs no hand rail and dryer with white plastic vent pipe .
Some one sent me about 5 shows on disk with all the errors listed and WOW!
He is to me not a home Inspector, just Like Perry Mason was not a lawyer and Markus Welby was not a doctor .
They all are TV Actors .
I expect many people could do what he does if they too had a mike in their ear and where told what to say.
I do not know of any home Inspector who makes a hole in the wall like Mr. Homes does.