Mike Holmes is an Idiot....

Hey!!! Someone removed a post critical of my criticism of Little Mikey and my reply to that post!!! What’s up???

Nick…you at home playing with your computer?? Don’t worry about getting in deep doo-doo with Mikey. I’m the guy doing the posting!!

Are you trying to hitch to Mike’s wagon…could be some big $$$$$$$ there…having the world’s best known renovator, and now best known home inspector, tied in with INACHI! YEEOW!!!

Last night while channel surfing, I caught the tail end of a Holmes show on HGTV.

Mike actually told the couple how much the renovation cost!!! IMHO, very bad taste!!!
Why the h e l l would he do that??? So they can love him a lot more because the job cost so much???

Mike needs attention…a lot of attention…he’s become an attention HOG!!!

Maybe that episode, like the show John Bubber mentioned, will disappear to the deep dungeon also…never to be seen again!!!

It’s amazing how many times I hear this guys’ name during my home inspections here in Mass. Consumers think he’s GOD of inspections.

If I could only have the ability to rip out drywall and punch through materials as he does (with no liabilities)…I’d easily find shoddy workmanship in every home I inspect.

You’re right David, and every now and then I get that opportunity to do so myself, and believe me, you find plenty when everything is exposed.:slight_smile:

An idiot that is laughing all the way to the bank.

I wonder if he has a cape & x-ray vision

WOW…the 2 posts I was complaining about are back!!! Was at a friend’s house in New Brunswick last night…pre-hurricane…and spent a bit of time on his computer. The two posts were no where to be found as I posted #'s 40 and 41. Keeping the free and open board free and open!!

OMG!! Just checked my e-mails and there was an email Newsletter from Little Mikey. Must be some sicko’s joke!! LOL Unsubscribed within seconds.

Mike’s statements of the night:

“Wood touching earth brings in termites”

“Don’t want any spores in the air” …He’s talking about asbestos!!


An asbestos spore?

Mike knows it all.

I believe James said it all on his note (1/9/10) ! There is nothing more accurate !:wink:

Just wonder who,s calling Mike H. an idiot.
Can everyone here be BC inspectors.**** guys this guy knows more than you will ever know or possible dream of knowing.
Man oh man if you fools only open your eyes this guy is showing an obvious problem in the mallet place.All those home inspectors where asses.


This is a bit of an UNREALITY TV show. Mike is coached, directed and has a team of licensed professional tradesmen with him…and he can open up all the walls and ceilings…plus he way overdoes it for dramatic effects. The clients are scared sh_tless to begin with and then GOD walks in with an apparently endless bag of $$$$$. In one show I saw this week, he calimed he spent $140,000 on one renovation. Do you have that kind of $$$$$$??

He also claims that he designs the fancy fix-ups…What a guy…and an interior designer to boot!!!


You will understand if you ever really become a home inspector.

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]One of his programs he stripped a wall and replaced the 5 inch heat pipe with a six inch because they could on extremely cold days get enough heat to the third floor bed room . He blamed the Installer for this and Mr. Homes cost to repair was $26,000;00 .
Well If this was my home a supplementary electric heater would cost a lot less .
How about a $300;00 duct fan or a $30;00 fan the goes into the vent to help draw the heat into the bed room .
They work great and do the job .
Of course Mr. Homes would not get to play home repair/inspector expert .

I am amused how everyone is viewing him.MIKE H.
Can it be those BC inspectors that have there shorts in a knot.Man where they shown for what they are.
Everyone knows now and we have a Nonmember lighting and fanning the flams.
Join Brian put your money where your mouth is.
As for Mike ,he is a general contractor.They do not know all.They have more then enough experance and training to detect and build to code.
If you see TV shows pass by something you think, maybe that system or structure, is not code then maybe its not being applied that particular show.
We can all be armchair builders but try the real thing before passing judgment.
Brian it $599 to join you know.
Please remember code changes state by state province by province.

Roy I do understand your post.Please remember that it is what it is a show for the fans.
if you take a second hand car and do the same you can replace everything.That being said,per show they are given certain designations upon what subject to expose the public to.30 minutes to inform.
Not much time to get it all in.
We take 3 to 4 hours to inspect a home that took 10,000 man hours to build,and god know how many hours to degrade.
just setting an example.
We can all be armchair builders.
Lots of money to be even a small one.I know first hand.
599 Brien to join.

If you belive Mr Homes is a contractor then I expect you thought
Dr. Marcus Welby… Robert Young Dr.
was a Doctor .
and Perry Mason ](http://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CCAQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FPerry_Mason&ei=vr2HTMj8BcH98Ab8leBs&usg=AFQjCNF0qTqAv2nALYXMx-lKZ4c7xjNCrA&sig2=dU8D64kGxEqGyvhMt1kWYg) was a lawyer

and I understand they have some great swamp land in Florida for sale .


You may be surprised at how many of us InterNachi Members are GC’s and Homebuilders! (Active or Retired).

As an example… the member that posted before mine… Marcel Cyr… has over 40 years as a residential and commercial builder, with a very extensive list of credentials !!!

We know what we see, and M.H. is definately it !!!