Mike Holmes magazine.....

Finally, my life has come full circle. Ran across this in Barnes and Noble. Had to buy it just to see it, but was scared someone might see me.lol. It’s so refreshing to see how incompetent he makes us HI’s out to be.


You have to hand it to the guy !!!
His marketing team is keeping his face in front of the public, and at the same time promoting his inspection franchise business.

They are getting to be almost as good as NICK.

That puppy’s been out quite a while, i thought it would have died off by now, just like the love everyone has for the goon, unfortunately I was wrong (shh, don’t let my kids hear me say that) I haven’t caved and bought it yet, but I did once take out one his books from the library, I put it in my bag and quickly got through checkout.

I think he has a line of tools and clothing too, what next!

Holmes: Elementary, my dear Watson!

A line of clothing? Sign me up for the overalls and 5lb sledge to inspect in. Instant credibility boost! The guy is a catchy nintendo tune, and a ron jeremy mustache away from being super mario…

On almost every inspection his name comes up. People love the man up here. I used to hate his show “Homes on Homes” due to the fact that he went overboard and gave unrealistic expectations on the average contractor. He would upgrade the whole house because the sink drain was leaking or the panel was to small. No one in thier right minds would do this.
Man he pi$$es me off!!
Then he started into the home inspectors and ticked me off even more. Now the entire country thinks that home inspectors are a bunch of guys hanging out in seedy bars waiting to prey upon the unsuspecting home owner.
Their only choice now is to get a Holmes Inspection. Gotta give the guy credit, have a national TV show to promote your own company!
Geeze I hate that guy!!
So now I get phone calls asking me if I snake sewer, have IR and all the other crap he slings on his show. It is like having to re educate people on what a home inspection is and our limits.
I still book an inspection on almost every person that calls but instead of the 5 minute call it is usually 10-15 minutes of deHolmesing them.
Dam I hate that guy!!

Ok all done ranting and I do feel better.:mrgreen::mrgreen:
The Man is an evil genius.

Greg that some’s it up for me too only difference is he made a stop at my local college and endorsed a 2 year Home Technician Diploma. Last I heard it isn’t doing so hot and Sault College fell for the Gay hook line and sinker.
Opps! I meant Guy.
Funny that he does not have SSM on his inspection list.

I have heard it is a bogus course. I would think that most guys in Canada are feeling the affects. :frowning:

You mean Ontario since this is the first of its kind.

Good article Joe, ended up having a browse through your website, will have to go back again and read more.

Holmes workwear, LOL!


Urgh, for real?

Is Holmes a licensed home inspector in Canada? If not, can’t you guys get him on performing home inspections without a license, or at least make him put a disclaimer at the beginning of his show that he is an actor and does not perform real home inspection?

One of the GPI guys in London Ont. is taking the course and thinks that the ciriculium is a joke. he is hating every minute of it.

I beleive he disclaims it at the end of the show saying something like the show is meant for entertainment purposes.

i was in home depot today, they have Mike Holmes safety glasses now too…identical to unendorsed ones, except they are $1.50 more.

Greg, I get the impression you dislike Mike Holmes. :wink: I just wish I would have designed the Holmes workwear first. I’m sure some people are willing to pay extra for his fashion sense. It MUST be good if it has his profile pic on it. :cool: I find too that I have to educate people about how home owners probably wouldn’t let me into their house if I sported a sledge hammer over my shoulder as I walked in the door. It’s great for advertising our industry, though. :mrgreen: