Mike Holmes on CBC MarketPlace

CBC News: Marketplace Newsletter - January 9th, 2007 -
Watch our season premier when Wendy Mesley teams up with Mike Holmes of "Holmes on Homes’ to reveal warning signs when hiring a contractor.**

**January 10th 2007 at 7:30 p.m. ET CBC Television

Marketplace creates a bait house wired with hidden cameras and invites home contractors to bid on a job.**

Join us throughout the season. Marketplace has consumer stories that will change the way you shop and live. We’re bringing you several startling hidden camera investigations, and testing for the truth behind products and services you use everyday. Join Erica Johnson and Wendy Mesley every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.

Awesome vidieo. About time they laid some heat on the real crooks.

One contractor is before the courts for 14 counts of fraud. Mike Holmes has come across this contractors work several times.

Off to watch the show.

Max Pies is now in the Home Inspection Business!

If the courts won’t deal with him, CBC will.

Mike is a drama queen. But he means well thats for sure.

I have a Max Pie sorta builder/renovator in my neck of the woods.

Well he was ten minutes ago I was on his web site and suddenly gone .
I can not get on it any more some one some where has great power to remove his web site that fast. .
I was trying to see how far I could trace his stuff back .
I got to OAHI and tried to confirm and his web site is no more .
To bad would love to have been able to get more info.

Roy Cooke
Gee I do a search for Dave Bottoms he to is Gone I wonder is there a relationship there . Very Interesting

Well at least Max Pies is environmentally friendly with that Hummer. Guess its for his ego!

Any one in the market for a used Hummer? I would ditch that billboard boat in a minute after exposure like that! Vrooooom Vrooooom, Yeah baby! CBC rocks! That Wendy Meslly is cute too. Yeah baby!

I thought she looked great with longer hair. Now she has it short I don’t care for it.

Well I wouldn’t turn her down if she want to do some investigative reporting on me! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Wink wink, knudge, knudge, say no more. :slight_smile:

Good contractors do not need to advertise. The larger the ad is on the contractors vehicle, the faster you should run away. This is a classic example.

I think Mike was trying to impress her when he punched a hole into the ceiling.

Roy does that analogy apply to home inspectors with their vehicle advertising? :wink:



I thought I heard on CBC radio this am that Mike is also going to be building his own homes?

Are you thinking of buying a Hummer Ray?:wink:

Thanks Roy for the confirmation.

I don’t have signage on my car and don’t intend to. The machine gun and armour plating takes up too much room for signage.


Actually the Hummer is a neat vehicle, but if they could make it run on propane or vegetable oil it would be even better. I’d hate to fill the sucker.

The SUV I really want is a Range Rover. Vrooooom, vrooomm yeah baby!