Mike Holmes on Home Inspectors

For what it’s worth

Thanks for that I keep seeing his name but all we get down here is the Red Green show :mrgreen:



So nice of this guy to have the benefit of 20-20 hindsight when pointing our how an inspection should be performed, what qualifications are needed, and how he hasne met an inspector he feels comfortable enough to recommend. He whould walk a mile in any competent inspector’s shoes, IMO.

What a dick.

This is the same guy that CAHPI “Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors” paid $20,000.00 + to speak at their conference!:shock:


I’d go head to head with him in a round-table discussion about the ratio of problems in his own industry, as compared to those in ours.

Like I said, it’s convenient of him to comment on an item he hasnt a friggin’ clue about.

He should follow me some day, get paid what we get paid, have our liability, deal with pressure from s-bags, limit the extent of what he may touch, and where he may go, and have a time constraint put on him.

Yeah… he’s a genius allright.


I would like to see NACHI TV do a show with the two of you on this very topic! Between you and Nick I can see this man changing his tune very quickly!


I’d like to watch the video, but it’s not working for me.

Got it.

This dork mentions that he only passed 2 houses in his past.

So he passing or failing homes?

He has never found a home inspector he could recommend? Poor guy, he is blind also.

It would be great T.V. !