Mike Holmes Taught Me Something

I believe it is illegal to encapsulate asbestos.

Reece - No its Not

Almost every show there is either open splices (not in a box) or splices in a box hidden in a wall or ceiling and his buddy Frank the Electrician has to come in an rewire the house.

I watched that episode. How did he know the black substance was mold. I didn’t see where he had it tested.

Also, they used grinders to remove the mold??? Then ripped off the plywood???

No wonder home owners are confused up there.

So the asbestos must have been broken and AIR BORN fibers in the RESIDENCE.
Gee I wonder how they measured the particulate ratio.
No encapsulation?
Good way to make the remediation expensive $$$$$

Funny the home owner always pays for the sins of a governments mistakes for mining and licensing production of the many byproducts.
Plus the government inaction and company’s that manufactures said products let off the hook for installing it.
Break shoes anyone?
Quebec still manufactures encapsulated byproducts of asbestos.
We are a North American distributor of the product around the world.
Third world counties being the main staple of the ore.
Smoking manufactures get fined up the loop hole for marketing and creating tobacco products.
Home owners pay the consequences for government failure to make their asbestos and buy products publicly safe when the adverse effects are known.
Yes the residential market place is great for inventing money driven industry’s.
Like brokers.
Just say-en now.

Mike let them grid of the hypothetical MOLD. No
No wonder he is such a good home inspector.
Wonder if his NAME ONLY BACKED EDUCATION PLATFORM knows his short comings.
Poor Mike. Well he ever tell the ( or learn the ) TRUTH?
I guess they do not know about the IAC2 CERT AND DRY ICE METHOD YET.
To bad.

Stone age mentality from a neanderthal.
From his new episode. How to remodel a teepee.

His thinking process. It is awaiting development for the network.
The left is Mikes idea -----------the right is the networks reality.





Kind of hard to see if they are buried!

I found it interesting about the asbestos caulk on the previous show.

I DVR the episodes and look forward to watching.

The grinder on the roof decking seemed to be a improper way for remediation of mold as dry ice seems to be a better alternative.

Looking forward to watching yesterdays show.


This is the book I bought at a yard sale for $3.00 and could not give away for the price of shipping .
Looks like Mike is finding like I did no one wants the book .

Book an inspection, get the book

Canada NewsWire
TORONTO, Jan. 20, 2012

Mike Holmes Inspections customers receive bonus copy of Mike’s book
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The Holmes Inspection book is a clear, no-nonsense guide explaining a home’s major systems and red-flag areas. It also includes real case studies of site visits Mike has made to homes that have passed previous home inspections. Mike goes through telltale signs of cover-up jobs, shoddy finishes and bad flips.
“I wrote the book because I wanted homeowners to avoid surprises they’ll pay for over many years,” stated Mike Holmes. “I also wanted to give homeowners all the information they need to fully understand a home inspection report and to make informed decisions on improvements that add real, long-lasting value to their homes. Including the book with a Mike Holmes Inspection is just another way we support our clients long after the inspector has left their home,” added Holmes.
The Holmes Inspection book is available online for $29.95 at www.makeitright.ca/books](http://www.makeitright.ca/books).
For more information on Mike Holmes Inspections, please visit www.mikeholmesinspections.com.
About Mike Holmes Inspections
Mike Holmes Inspections is an independent home inspection service company providing thorough, fair and educated assessments of building structures and systems by integrating advanced technologies with sophisticated industry techniques. It invests in the development and augmentation of industry standards through collaborations and third-party ventures with educational institutions and industry associations.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/556011#ixzz1k1K1AYx1

Roy, get some information on Mike Holmes inspections. See if his name is behind this marked idea or if he is behind the company.
I bet it is the first, his name is behind this marked idea.
He is a construction worker , manager consultant.
He helped the public get more confused about the market place.
His main digs are from BC.

Just checked Holmes’ inspectors service areas. He may have attracted somewhere between 6-8 or 9 independents to join his team- not a real impressive showing.

You guys are way off base. In order to find the really good stuff you need to inspect like Holmes does. And I don’t mean with a hammer.
Just get the homeowner to sign some releases and have a team of guys go in before you and make sure that there are good things to expose on your TV show. THEN get the hammer and sawzall.

But now your saying “I don’t have a TV show!”

As I said, You’re doing it wrong. :mrgreen:

So there! I’ll be in my trailer!

Saw another episode of Holmes Inspection last night and learned that asbestos throws off "spores***".* **

They spent $150,000 to essentially reno the interior of a smallish bungalow. Hope he’s going to service all the people that call him for the free help!