Mike Holmes to make Announcement


[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]Mike Holmes to make Announcement at Sault College

Date: Monday January 31st, 2011

Time: 2:00pm

Location: Sault College Gymnasium

Mike Holmes will visit Sault College to endorse the new Home Inspection Technician (Co-op) program, the province’s first-ever two-year home inspection diploma program.

Students who enrol in this two year, Ontario College Diploma program will gain both knowledge and practical skills relating to residential home construction through a combination of classroom, laboratory and workshop learning so that they are highly qualified to enter the home inspection field.

The program also includes a co-op work placement to ensure graduates have relevant work experience that complements their in-school studies.

Graduates will have the ability to recognize deficiencies in the structural components, exteriors, roofs, plumbing, electrical systems, heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, insulation, and interiors of residential homes.

About Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes became a household name by helping homeowners to Make it Right® in their home renovations. Through educating consumers on the importance of using the best materials, hiring professionals and doing things right the first time he shares his passion to help homeowners protect the biggest investment in their lives: their home. Part of that protection is a good home inspection. Mike Holmes Inspections was started to provide a service that meets the highest industry standards and offer homeowners the peace of mind that comes from knowing their home has been inspected using the best equipment, by skilled professionals who are committed to their career.


Now we’re starting to talk about real training!! I wonder who’s set up the curriculum for this course and how it’s laid out. Is it based on C-D or a more thorough treatment of the house and its systems?

Since he is endorsing this program, I hope he makes sure his allied inspectors under the Holmes’ Banner, if not trained to this level, will have to pass challenge exams on the course curriculum and do TIPR’s to continue to work under his organization’s umbrella.

This should go over real good:)

Every curriculum is more thorough than Carson-Dunlop. C-D stuff is totally outdated. I hope they give graduates a time machine to go back to 1980 and inspect.

This should be great 2 years and $40,000;00 invested to find out there will not be a job for many of them . I expect a large part of this will be Government funds .
See my previous post on government grants .

Most agents do not want a proper inspection .
We have all these colleges and Education mills not turning out Homies who do not get work now.
Trying to get a piece of the pie that is shrinking will be hard to do.
The diploma mills will still get most of those who want to be a home Inspector as the cost is considerable less . some at $995;00 and some at $2,995;00 .
John Q will still go for the reduced rate and starve like most do now .
I wish them well and do hope they get some facts on our industry … Roy

Typical Brian the instant expert on what others say or do .
He looks to see who’s post he can pick apart .
He is a follower seldom a leader.
Great in tell all how to do things not so great in starting things .
See http://www.nachi.org/forum/f48/does-brian-start-any-good-posts-57407/
He loves to tell all about how great the system in BC is and how well the NCA is .
He has no idea on how well it will be and he hever answer questions like how expensive the NCA is .
The NCA is just another pipe dream like
Remember Whistler
Bill has a big anouncement comming soon

I personally like a formal education to our profession. I think it adds to the professionalism that it needs in the public eye. I commend him for his attempt at educating people FIRST and then letting them inspect instead of people learning the basics AS THEY inspect.

I’m quite sure AMIGO Luck is talking about college level training for HI’s and you never said anything detrimental about his ideas! Do the THREE AMIGOS have a pact to never say anything against each other no matter how stupid it may make one of them look?

At least be consistent, Roy!!

Thanks Brian but we are all free thinkers and able to make up our own mind we are not a** pariste** like you who follow others to pick apart their ideas and posts.
We are for this industry and try to support NACHI and its members .
We try to help all members and the better non members.

Thanks Russell
Thanks I agree with much of what you say but having just a little more experience with our Ontario system and Mike Homes I look with a jaundice eye at this proposal .

Now I wonder where they got that idea? No, really! Sounds awfully familiar doesn’t it? :wink:

Roy - I have no idea of Canada and its workings or Mike Holmes for that matter.

I do see someone trying to make a difference for the betterment of our profession. Why knock him for it? Is there something I do not know? Hell I wish they made it a 4 year degree!

This is not his idea . We have too many of his lightning bolts to get excited.

Junior colleges are great for home inspection schools. Now, 18 year old high school graduates can pay to get their associate degrees and hit the streets before their 21st birthday and help homebuyers select new properties before finding their own places to live.

Mike Holmes is not an inspector…he only plays one on television. He is nothing more than another contractor who knows everything and everyone else is stupid.

Yet…before he arrives on the scene with his sledge hammer, his producers have already screened the home owners, identified the problems, have the necessary materials on hand and ready to install before Holmes shows up.

Then, after days of filming…all of the flubbed lines, construction errors, and embarassing out takes are edited out — he is made to look like he knows what he is talking about.

What’s wrong with young trained people doing home inspections?

You got something wrong there No where have I ever said young people should not be doing inspections .
Please look at all my posts my name and info is posted with call me if you have questions .
I am the only one in my area that I know of who mentors new inspectors and have done this for years .
Please show me where you got those thoughts .
I have spent at leats 6 hours this week on the phone and email helping newbies

He’s referring to my post, Roy.

Shucks spoiled again

Mike also doesn’t practice what he preaches. He’ll get all sorts of great press for this, yet when he recruits inspectors, the main requirements are that they have a pulse and the willingness to work to his group’s rules without any recognition. If he walked the walk, he would insist that all of his inspectors would have at least the levels of education and experience that he demands we all have.

Bill Mullen

Thanks Bill well said , Mike Homes is a TV man has no trade that I know of and has crew who does all his leg work .
Just follow his show’s and see the errors and there are many.
He tries to do tile electrical and show just how great he is.