Mike Holmes to make Announcement

It sure is, George. Thanks for pointing that out.

It’s one of the main ingredients in the National Certification Program. It’s clearly laid out in the progression of increased rigor over the a few years of the program. (See CHIBO 2 Project - National Certification and Accreditation Model for Home and Property Inspectors - October 2005)

The ‘model’ specifies that at a certain point, the planned IDEAL background for inspectors will include:
*** High School Diploma (pr equivalent)**
*** Two years of practical experience in Residential Construction or Renovation**

** …and one or more of the following:**
*** Completion of a diploma or degree program in a building science (e.g. architecture, construction technology, relevant engineering or engineering technology, home inspection programs, etc.)**
*** Journeyperson provincial or red seal trade ticket in a construction trade**
*** Ten years work experience in residential construction or renovation, or equivalent work experience.**

Bill Mullen

They don’t even get all of these…never heard of asbestos “spores” prior to one of his programs???

I’m sure Mike read his lines carefully. It must have been the guy who wrote the cue cards who screwed up.

This wasn’t Mike but Damon, his lead man on the inspection series…still should have been caught by Mike or someone with at least a few clues!!

Gee that’s Great Bill I though ACHI was the only association to suggest this.
Looks like these two associations have a least some thing in Common .

I too have seen the mistakes he has made on his HGTV program and now he is going to roll into my town training " Home Inspectors" I spent one year training newbies at Sault College.
His organization aproached me to become a Holms Inspector and fallow his rules. This would be in direct conflict with being a InterNachi Inspector. I was very careful to teach only home inspection and not sway any to become certified by NACHI,ASHI,CAPHI or OAHI just saying he does not like InterNachi and will not support them.
He can’t be one and do his HGTV show or inspect the way he wants.:roll:

I don’t think he is going to be training but is there to grab the spotlight and further his reputation as HERO to the common person. The concept of what is being done is good but IMHO, he’s the wrong person for it!!

Is there a chance that you’ll be back teaching or are other forces in play?

You said a mouthful Roy.
Not that I am knocking his idea of bettering education, but have you guys ( associations ) dropped the ball or what.
2 years and how much $$$$$$$$$$$
I my self would like to see the hours devoted to the curriculum.
Is this full time or part time? Part time I suspect.
After you have fulfilled you x amount of hours, passed your certification and bought all your tools, software plus every other item you need, and I am up to 6 plus thousand now with out my tools that I already owned, new vehicle, how much money have you spent?
You have to re-clam that $$$$$$ before you break even.
So 2 years of education at what cost, buying every thing you need at what cost, 1 year reclaiming that cash. I can do a lot better by joining an association in existence already and be making $$$ in the back after 18 months.

I would have preferred Mike H. to endorse several shools running already.
Or at least have sat down with associations and tried to hammer out that elusive minimum certification standard, them focus a set minimal educational standard.
Anyone else besides me see the reason he launched his home inspection school. $$$$$$$ and fame baby fame.
Can’t be for the cash can it ?
So as everyone adds more education and associations to an on going home inspection industry in Canada it only weakens the ones already in existence.
I am totally ashamed that all Canadian Home Inspection association’s could not sit down and hammer out that standard.
Nick opened the door and the talks were on and what happened ?
Screw the personalities , the past, and even screw that AT ARMS LENGTH for now.
Hammer out that minimum standard.
You all worry about have your association weakening by lose of membership.
So by not being transparent and cooperate in the simplest of ways ( sitting down with one another) for the well being of the industry, another one walks in and watch them run to him now.

New Associations and home inspection education added to an already over populated industry only muddies the waters and weakens the educators already out there.
So again money for nothing and your chicks for free. A song by Dire Straits.
We have to move these refrigerators we have to move these color TV’S

Lost for words, as the market place creates another instructor and the lack of insight by the government and** associations **that have still forget to set that minamum standard.

Its shame on you for letting this happen. All association bear the blame here.You call yourselves teachers. RIGHT not in my books.:twisted:

I was only able to do the teaching through Contact North. This is by power point and no hands on. He will have the school and all the departments to walk so called inspectors around. This is not fair for the class that received certificates from the college already in “Home Inspection” I think it is very wrong to start new technician certification with outside contact,but who am I to tell them what to do. This my city and my home town. Like I said it is not going to go over well.:shock:

You guys could have biitch-slapped this punk before he got big enough to eat your lunch. If one Canadian inspector would have dogged him…challenging him to go one-on-one with just a clipboard and pencil for an agreed SOP inspection…AND had the media comment on his consistent refusal to meet that challenge…his only TV appearances would be on Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer.


I took on Mr. Holmes on the radio and questioned him about his current inspection standards and what the current standards, which have been upheld by courts. When I asked Mr. Holmes what standards he uses and if they withstood court scrutiny, the radio producer terminated the call. Mr. Holmes was flustered and the tone of his voice read - ‘frustrated’.

Apparently posted by an ‘industry leader’ on another ‘private’ message board and forwarded to me by a mole;

I’m beginning (finally) to believe that the general public is as dumb as a bag of hammers.

This would be the same public that the author claims to be protecting by ‘raising the bar’. How unfortunate to hold our clients in such contempt.

Mike Holmes has no doubt raised the profile of our indistry (sic) , and that’s about the only positive thing I can offer about him.

And this from a representative of an organization that has branded us all as incompetent without proof of these damaging and well publicized accusations. Laughable.

He is NOT a home inspector and never was one. He has NO defineable (sic) qualifications to perform home inspections or criticize those that do. His ‘inspections’ are performed using unrealistic, invasive measures that we can only dream about, yet the people watching eat it all up.

It’s called the entertainment media. You want to rail against it then you might as well tip at windmills too.

He roars on and on about untrained inspectors duping the public, when at the same time his own inspection business will accept pretty well anyone with a pulse who agrees to operate under Mike’s ridiculous one-sided rules and regulations. (He has some good inspectors, but he also has some real bad ones)

" He roars on and on about untrained inspectors duping the public" Sounds familiar. Could he have received his inspiration at the hands of those who say the same thing about all Canadian Home Inspectors, also without proof?

Anyone who has been interviewed for a position with his firm will know it’s more about what can be done for Mike’s benefit than how it will improve the inspector’s future.

The fact that a publicly subsidized community college has given him this opportunity is unfortunate, because they are basically recognizing him as ‘the expert’ about home inspections.

It should be pointed out that the author is / was a key member of a certain Canadian organization which thought that, the investment of thousands of their membership dollars to bring Holmes in to talk at their ‘national’ meeting, was a good idea. Funny how associating with Holmes was a good idea then and a bad one now.Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

Mike has had many chances to use his fame to help improve the quality of inspectors, but since there was no monetary payoff, he was never interested. I’ve never been able to understand why he has never adopted the requirements of OAHI’s RHI or the National Certification.

Could it have something to do with the people involved?

** Both are proven to be tested and recognized, yet he readily hires people with no more than the notorous (sic) online twenty minute test. **

"proven to be tested " by the same people who set the tests and gave the approvals. “recognized” by these same people who set the tests and gave the approvals. Cozy.:roll:

Thanks God I won’t be around this industry much longer.

Good news indeed !

Of course Raymond, He is a personalty and starting to ware it like a crown. I though you a member in good standing here Ray?
So I said it before and I will say it again, you Canada CLOWNS that refused to sit down and talk about our industry to me are just like him.
You care not about the industry, just you pocket book and your ego.:twisted:
Sorry for the edit.
George you are pointing out the truth about Mike . Remember his ego get inflated by all the attention.
So when his school is running and everything is out in the open it will not take long for his trained inspectors to get into trouble ( lawsuit’s) unless they maintain a visual observation technique only.
Then they are like all the rest.
2 yeas and a ton of money to be trained by ( it will not be Mike.). WOW

Hello Robert:

I know you are upset when doing this post.
Don’t forget that people see your post and spelling errors can make us look bad.
I don’t care so much because new spell correction programs exist and my children have troubles with spelling, but the public judges your ability by spelling and grammar.
Copy and paste in word and check for spelling next time.:slight_smile:

Everyone mark this day on their calenders.

It is the day I defended a former member (who does not want his name mentioned by me, else feel his wrath) from the slurrings of another Canadian NACHI member.

The former is knowledgable and experienced. The latter is, well I am not quite sure.

The difference between the two is the former actually cares about his industry. The latter only cares about ******** and moaning.

Robert… why not STFU for once.

Holmes is a boob. Give him a flashlight, probe, circuit tester, and a notebook.

No pre-screening.
No experts in the wings.
No invasive techniques.
Give him 3 hours to inspect.
Give him 48 hours to write a report.
Have him perform an inspection for a buyer.
Dont allow him to disassemble or destroy
Make him potentially liable for what he misses.

Have him do 10 of these, all subject to the scrutiny of a team of 5 seasoned inspectors in this organization.

Televise it to the world.

It will be bigger than Jersey Shore.

Believe me, we’ll have a real “situation”

We can call it “Mike’s talkin’ out his a s s…”

Joe If this could be done it would be the greatest show on earth. Many of my young impressionable lady clients love Mikey. Maybe it’s the muscle shirts he wears.
One more thing he will need is a translator to translate his misnamed items into the correct names. It’s concrete not cement, telepost not jack post, point load or continuous load or a combination of but not weight load, etc.

All to often people think that their pattern of training is the only way to go. What we need is a subjective analysis of what a well trained inspector needs to know.
From my prospective a fully trained building inspector would know all the building codes, have a knowledge of all the materials used to construct the building and how those materials preform under duress, electrical systems, HVAC, plumbing systems including gas, water, private sewage systems, a command of the English language or French language, know how to write a technical report, contract law, occupation safe practises, a through knowledge of all the analysis equipment that is to be used to do an inspection such as, CO tester, Electrical circuit tester, AFCI, IR cameras, etc… Hazardous goods and contaminants such as mould,.asbestos, grow op contamination, etc.
**A fully trained inspector should be able to inspect all buildings from the time the working plans are presented until the building is demolished and the material is safely disposed of. **
**This training would take at least two years full time and two years working under the direct supervision of a qualified inspector. The field training would only be after the academic training has been successfully completed. **
**This is a short list that comes to mind. I’m sure others can add more to this list. **


What you describe above is what I see and do with regard to a myriad of large industrial buildings… except for the French stuff…:wink:

Just trying to be diplomatic. I have no need for French and operate exclusively in English.

“All too often”…is right.

With all due respect, your laundry list left out the most important 51% of what an inspector must know to be worth anything to a consumer.

To know everything about every molecule that makes up a building…and how every molecule works and relates to every other molecule…is useless in the mind of one who lacks the skills associated with (1) observation and (2) communicating his vast array of knowledge with someone who has none of it.

Unfortunately, neither of these skills can be acquired through “hands on” training but come with experience in applying both…and levels of education not normally found in trade schools.