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FYI…Front page Yahoo news. Mike Holmes has a question about the home inspection industry. He’s calling for change. (…promotion for his book “The Holmes Inspection”) check out this link to see his question and so far 700+ answers.

also front page Yahoo news, an article about home inspection qualifications…RHI, and NCP


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Posted: Someone (his buddy) paid Steve to write this peice of tripe.
This is so unfactual and blatantly biased it is retarded (as is Steve)
Just to have an acronym behind your name does not mean you are good. I have seen many a report by an RHI that proves this and what makes this hard to admit is, I am one. It is a combination of training, experience and common sense that make a good home inspector.
All I can say to this peice of misinformation is next time Mr maxwell, do some real reporting. Do not rely on your buddy to pay you to write what he wants.

I Publicly Challenge Mr. Holmes To Perform A Genuine Home Inspection, For Real Estate Purposes.

**He Must Use The Tools And Techniques Standard In The Industry, And Must Follow A Standard Of Practice. No Hanky Panky. No pre-amble. **

Introduction To The Client Shall Be Made 2 Minutes Prior To The Start Of The Inspection. A Signed Inspection Agreement Shall Be Obtained Prior To Any Inspecting Taking Place

**I Will Be Generous. He Will Be Given 3.5 Hours Total Time, From Arriving On Site, To Packing His Tools, In Which To Perform An Inspection On A 2000 Square Foot House, Which Shall Include A Basement. The Presence Of A Crawlspace Is Optional. **

The House Shall Be At Least 20 Years Old.

**The Dwelling Will Include A Non-walkable Roof. **

It Shall Include An Elevated Wooden Deck. A Whirlpool Tub In The Master Bathroom Is Optional.

The Home Will Include Heat And Central Air Conditioning As Separate Systems.

**It Will Also Include A Fireplace, Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Partially Finished Basement, 2 Full Bathrooms, A Lavatory, Den, Garage (with shelving and stored items), And 4 Bedrooms. **

**It Will Have At Least One Skylight. **

It Will Include An Attic Which Lacks Flooring Throughout, And Includes Ductwork, Insulation, Electrical Wiring, And Some Stored Items. 2nd Attic above Garage is Optional. Attic Access Shall Be Via 2’x2’ Scuttle.

**The House Shall Be Furnished At The Time Of The Inspection. Closets And Cabinets Shall Include Stored Items. **

A Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Shall Be Part Of The Inspection. Inspection Shall Include Exterior Elements, Including Landscape And Site Drainage.

A “buyer” And A “realtor” Will Be On Hand To Ask Mr. Holmes Random Questions Along The Way. He Will Be Prohibited From Havng Any Other Assistance At The Time Of The Inspection.

Invasive Inspection Techniques Or Disassembly Of Components Shall Not Be Permitted. He Will Be Given 48 Hours To Produce A Complete Report.

Again, I Challenge This Big Mouth To Walk 2000 Square Feet In Our Shoes.

This Is How You Guys Should Expose Mr. Holmes For The Monday-morning-quarterback He Appears To Be.

**He Relies On 20-20 Hindsight To Poke Fun At Our Profession. **

We Could Write Encyclopedias On The Bone-head Repairs And Renovations We Regularly See; All Performed By The “professionals” In Holmes’ Craft.

He Is Like The Wizard Of Oz. Time To Pull Back The Curtain, Folks.

I agree. I did a re-inspect a couple of weeks back. The client suspected collusion between the agent & inspector. The inspector told the client he was an RHI. In truth, I’m not sure if he was. The report was crap and they used a “modified” version of the well known Home Reference Book . They used only the replacement inserts, without the actual book itself. “great value”
Bottom line- as with all industries- the initials beside your name do not say whether you actually care about what you are doing. Having said that, I do think it is prudent to be a member of an association that is recognized in your local area. Overall, I have nothing but good things to say about my dealings with Oahi. The RHI’s I have spoken with over the past couple years have all been very helpful and first class. Being a member is in my sights and I think that being a member of both NACHI and OAHI is a huge asset.


The more articles, radio programs and TV shows that are produced about
negligent “home inspectors”… the more people are going to do their
own research, and bypass the realtor, to find a qualified home inspector.

We know these guys see a surging market for this type of information
and will create the “cry for justice” marketing material to sell.

In the end, it produces a higher level of concern among consumers who
now refuse the realtors preferred inspector and start looking for their
own choice. I like that.

As far as Mr Holmes having much impact on legislation across the
north America, I doubt it.

The more people start shouting that some home inspectors are no
good and some are better… ends up driving more people to me.

The vast majority of inspections are still set up via the realtors and
it is a good thing when people get off that merry go round.

Let the debate rage.

It’s hard for me to debate you John, when I agree with what you said;-)

Add to that structure a recently replaced toilet that was not declared in the Property Disclosure Statement. Just for good measure.