Mike Holmes

Just for giggles I e-mailed Mike Holmes, from Holmes on Homes to see what his fee is to speak.


I figured it would be high…but not $25,000!!! Even more than that with the Canadian exchange rate.
I like this guy, he has a great show, I guess I didn’t realize he would demand that high a price. Maybe I am nieve.

So that thought came and when real fast!

Is there any industry expert speakers out there that anyone has gotten for a Chapter meeting?

I’ve done Search Engine Optimization talks at a few meetings. Just depends on the schedule and travel expenses :wink: I’ll even cut you a deal and only charge half of what Mike charges :smiley:

Boy, I sure appreciate that!:smiley:

I’m still waiting for the bill to show up from all you have done for me.:wink:

Not much, ask Stephen Stanczyk what I charge.

Sorry it took so long to respond. It’s tough using one hand to type and balancing the laptop with one leg. At first I thought Dom was joking when he said it would only cost me an arm and a leg. Let me tell you, when he says he wants cookies…you bloody better well start baking.

You just let me know what kind of cookies you want and i’ll go put on my little Sally homemaker dress and get right to it!:wink:

lol…Not a sight you would want to see…I assure you!

Hmm, it’s ok, you can skip the cookies. Especially if they come with a photo of you in the dress :smiley: