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Sau[FONT=Times New Roman]lt College is pleased to announce its newest partnership with Mike Holmes and the Holmes Group with the College’s new Home Inspection Technician program, the only one of its kind in the province.

The two year program, approved by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, was developed in partnership with the Holmes group and other advisory groups and is endorsed by Mike Holmes. It will be offered for the first time in September 2011. Students who enrol in this program will gain the knowledge and practical skills relating to residential home construction with an emphasis on developing the ability to recognize deficiencies present in the structures and systems that may be compromising the building.

“Graduates of this program will be qualified and have the competencies required to enter the home inspection field,” states Leo Tiberi, Vice President of Academic, Sault College. “We thank Mike Holmes and the Holmes group for their endorsement of the program and feel confident that the credentials, knowledge and skills students gain through studying with us will be strong and impactful.”
The Holmes Foundation partners with schools, businesses and governments to raise the profile and reputation of skilled trades in Canada. Mike Holmes’ reputation as the most trusted Canadian encourages people to pursue careers in the skilled trades and encourage employers to hire them.

The mission of the Holmes Foundation is to ensure that all residential renovations and construction in Canada is done right – the first time. In Canada there is a growing shortage of skilled workers who are needed to fill the roles that are being vacated as an increasing number of trades people retire.

“I’m really glad to see Sault College stepping up the plate and creating this program,” says Holmes of his partnership with the College. “A program for home inspectors that’s fully accredited by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities is long overdue. It’s time to start looking at home inspection as a profession, and to start training people in the way to do it right.”

“Sault College has the staff, facilities, and expertise needed to support the type of hands-on training this industry requires,” says Colin Kirkwood, Dean of Environment and Technology, Sault College, who will oversee the program. “We look forward to working together with Mike Holmes in this exciting field of study, and very pleased to have the opportunity to deliver a two-year home inspection program.”

Applications are now being accepted into this program for fall 2011 at www.ontariocolleges.ca .


I think this is a bunch of Hog Wash .
Here we have a person who has no trade helping the government supply more home inspectors into a business where many who make a living at have a pension .
The public have no one to blame but them selves if they get a poor home Inspection .
All the public cares about is what is it going to cost me for an Inspection .
The agents are also a big part of the problem the agent does not want a good inspection for their client they want a soft no challenge inspection .
Now we have a person who has no trade telling the Government of Ontario how things need to be done .
Bunk, a good start would be to have Tradesmen building the homes and then they need proper Inspections by the Building departments .
We need a proper Built home build by qualified persons and then there will be a lot less concerns about what people buy .
There is no enforcement on the Construction level some times no one on the job has any certificate .
Unqualified Builders and their unqualified staff turn out shoddy homes .
Why blame the home inspector, many of the better home inspectors leave the business as they do not get paid a proper wage for their ability and knowledge

Holmes is an actor. He never picks up a tool. He has his people do all of the work. I guess he wants to teach others his trade.

Now I understand why this guy badmouths inspectors on his Holmes Inspection show. He creates image of a problem, in this case stupid home inspectors, and then offers the solution to fix it, i.e. his accreditation! Wow, this guy is “the most trusted Canadian”? Alberta, we have a problem! :slight_smile:

I watched his inspection show the other day and after he rips out the drywall from the ceiling he declares: “had I been here, I would have told you not to buy this home”

What balls he has, seems he has no trouble throwing all inspectors under the bus, not just crappy ones. Now we know why.

Do us a favor and keep this one in Canada for yourselves please.

“I’m really glad to see Sault College stepping up the plate and creating this program,” says Holmes of his partnership with the College. “A program for home inspectors that’s fully accredited by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities is long overdue. It’s time to start looking at home inspection as a profession, and to start training people in the way to do it right.”

what about the courses offered at community colleges now? are they not “accredited”? methinks myself and quite a few others are no longer qualified…at least according to the arrogant Master Holmes.

I don’t think we need to worry about this program Roy. I already did not have enough support to teach the one from “Carson Dunlop” for the second term. Sault College is just desperate and trying to find more support. As it stands no one that is a contractor likes his show and can see right through him. The fact that he is not associated with InterNachi puts him at the bottom of the list in HI. I do agree that we need to be considered as better than contractors and should be trained in such a way but no one would be able to afford the inspection and it would make Real estates fight back even more to not recommend an inspection.
At least Real estates will appreciate us even more when it come to the standard prices we charge and the amount of time we need on an inspection.
I can’t help wondering how they will teach this any better than I did.
They will have the edge because I did it with Contact North so there was no hands on. But even if there was hands on this will not help much.:shock:

Kevin Thanks very much for your reports and your backing .
I am not worried about Mike and his methods .
I do want to protect all our NACHI Canadian Members .
As you know there is a self appointed secret Group who would love to have complete control of all Canadian Home Inspectors .
I just want to make sure they do not manage to sneak in the Back door and are able to get control of our Industry.
I am very disappointed in how some things are done .
Please keep up the good work .

Roy you will have more support then I do because of your location.
I will do what I can from here having the backing of many good people. Toronto is the big city of HI and I will need all the support considering there is only 2 good inspectors in Sault Ste Marie that are trusted. Just to let you know, three of my students have joined InterNachi but are not even commenting on the message board. They have a ways to go before they will be trusted.:slight_smile:


He says that the only courses out there from two weeks up to six weeks, which he says is not enough. “I think you have to go to school for that and it should be ‘School’ - like a couple of years”. Marilyn asked “So you have done that?” “Yes I have” was the reply.

He talks about the program that he has backed and has helped make it happen, and it is being recognized by the government.

I guess the programs that have been/are offered at community colleges such as Seneca, Humber, et al don’t exist/haven’t existed.

PS. I like the comments about “asbestos spores”

Thanks christian … Great find

I could be wrong, but, my take on that, is that he wasn’t saying he went to school gor 2 years, but that he had backed the 2 yr program.

The fact remains that he does not have the support of the biggest " Home Inspection Organization" InterNachi is recognized by many top organizations. If you don’t recognize the schooling from them you will not get past first base.
Nick has went out of his way for many home inspectors and the support received from him is more than any organization I have ever been associated with.

kevin…i wasn’t disagreeing with you. I actually was hoping he’d say he went to school for 2 years. If he said that, it wouldn’t be too hard to disprove and he go from 2nd most trusted Canadian to 1st Canadian bag of dirt.

It wont matter much anyway. If I had the choice between a 1 year program, at my own pace, at any community college offering HI, or a 2 yr program backed by Mikey, the choice would be obvious.
One more thing, just where are these 2-6 week courses offered? More of Mikes BS? or are there actually places offering this kind of feces?

Brian, when I first viewed the program, I was under the impression that he was agreeing to Marilyn’s question about going to school for two years, but after watching it over again, I agree with you; I think he was just acknowledging that he had leant his support to the new two-year program.

Here is one many more will Try and post more tomorrow … Roy


](http://www.home-inspectors.com/getstart.htm#top)http://phpic.ca/bod.php Paul Wilson Pres of both groups

Here’s another obvious one you missed, it doesn’t even take one week (in some cases only 20 minutes), and nobody proctors the tests, Roy:


Nick Gromicko, owner of all things NACHI including the organization and its education.

I’m not saying that’s bad, but it’s no better than what Paul Wilson is doing, so what’s your point ?
Bill Mullen

Bill your jealously and wishes are showing again

Bill it was a question asked And I answered Too bad you do not answer questions , to use your words
(" SO WHAT IS YOUR POINT ") Sorry Bill but we have put up with your Denials lack of information for so long I and others Could care less about your Bull S HIT .
You only come to NACHI to sell or complain .
We all know just what A joke you are and you have no one to blame but your self .
Once more you have proved your word is worth ZIP . a few days ago you said you would have a big announcement at the end of January
You have said this so often it now is just one more of your jokes and failures .
Remember Whistler
Bill has a big announcement coming soon



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Inspect 4u and Home Inspectors Institute. What do they have in common?

Both have owners who are presidents of associations.