Mike's Tip of The Day 4 Outlook Users

Are you tired of receiving hundreds of spam emails from your business account like I am? sometimes 2 to 3 of the same email.

Nothing seemed to work my host has spam assassin and it is useless.

Outlook has block this sender and it is useless.

Here is my AWESOME fix I learned from my new local computer repair guy.

Go to your hosts Control Panel and forward all you emails from your work email example "mike@meekerindustries.com" to a gmail account then just put the gmail account in outlook like you do any other email address.

All the crap will still go to your standard email but gmail will block so far after 2 days of testing 99.9% of the crap. In fact none has gotten by their filters YET.

I have been still checking my regular email to make sure nothing important gets blocked but it has not happened yet. Eventually I imagine I will not even have to check that specific box anymore. Even though the problem is nowhere near as bad on my personal email I may do the same there. It seems I only get a few spams a day there.

Do yourself a favor if you hate spam and give it a try. I love it. If you need help email or all me.

What I also do when I respond from the gmail account I make it say it comes from mike@meekerindustries.com to keep up that professional look.


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Michael - I use HIP for my site and my email - it is a gmail account that I set up on LiveMail (for windows). I get almost no spam. BUT … I also get my business email on my phone and can look at the spam. After about a week I get 20-30 spam messages listed on my phone. so I just delete them. Your method is how HIP handles it and it does truly work. My personal email I get tons of spam, but not thru my business account on gmail.

You need to check that when you send an email to someone with a gmail account, that your emails don’t end up in their spam folder. This was happening to me, customers with gmail.com addresses weren’t getting their reports when I sent them using the erik@eastsidehomeinspection.ca address via gmail, I had to send them using the actual gmail.com address I created. Apparently this is one of the ways Gmail filters for spam. The solution is to use gmail as your email provider using google apps (5 or 10 bux a month). You make gmail your email provider by registering the meekerindustries.com email address with them. This is not an easy thing to do, you will probably need google tech support, your computer guy or webmaster if you have one, to help you.

It is worth it though, for 10 bucks you also get a terrabyte of cloud storage, which I use to back up and store all my HI records. And no more ads when you use gmail and the other google apps, and more.

It can also be a PITA, goggle stuff is not always user friendly, but they do have very good tech support for their payfer stuff (not so much the free stuff).

My advice is to keep making sure your meekercom stuff sent using gmail is getting through to the gmail.com addresses. If it is, no worries, but keep your eye on that, because google is always changing stuff.

I send it from meekerindustries.com :slight_smile: I just filter with gmail now.

My fix would be to DUMP OUTLOOK! It’s a memory hog. Just run everything directly to your gmail account. You can setup gmail to pull all your external emails in.

My business email is through Gmail, about $5 a month. On the desktop I use Thunderbird for all my email accounts. I never see spam, or miss legitimate emails.

Outlook and AOL belong in the La Brea tar pits with the rest of the dinosaurs.

Dom, or anyone, do you know of a way to open .pst files without having OUTLOOK on the machine?
Appreciate any help…

I like outlook :slight_smile: especially now I know how to filter crap. It checks all email at once from many addresses.

So does Mozilla Thunderbird. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/

What is an outlook?
Is that part of aol ?

You don’t want to know.

Old Microsoft computer based email.

Twins from the 20th century. I’m surprised they’re still alive.

You can do this directly on the web via Gmail too. No need to install bloat software that slows your machine down and you don’t lose anything when your computer crashes.

What is Microsoft??

Can you really teach an old dog new tricks? :slight_smile: